ND Challenge #1

Looks like a good scoring system :content:

Looking forward to the start :grin:

added the new dj url to the last list posted

[ND Challenge] moogle’s dreams

Ok, thanks :smile:

Today is the day! The first Incubation goal is…*insert drum-roll here…

An watery adventure!

I figured we’d start with a broad subject.

Swim in it, fly over it, go on a cruise, be a mermaid, a fish, a deep see fisherman, a whale, walk on water, go boating, explore a undersea cave, go to the beach, play in the rain, take a bath, a shower if you prefer, pretty much anything to do with the ocean and water in general!

Choose what feels right to you and let us know.
I personally am going to try the rainy day idea. :smile:

This challenge will be current until Wednesday.
The next goal will be more situational instead of objective, thereby, in my opinion at least, more difficult.

So, I only have to dream about something to do with water…until wednesday?

Does rain also count as a watery adventure? :grin:

I wanted to kinda ease into it a bit. Choose something specific that has something to do with it. You also have your personal challenge…

I’d count it. That is what I was planning.

Hehe, because rain in dreams are different to rain IRL, but it was a while I experienced rain in a dream :peek:

Huh, I like the sound of a rainy dream as well. Lets see how this turns out.

I don’t remember having rain in my dreams. :eh:

I’ll go for a body of water … ocean or river.

Yeah, I’ve only had rain once or twice in my dreams that I can remember. I am listening to RainyMood.com to help, hehe. :tongue:

When we incubate, is there any specific level of detail you expect us to work with, and should we post incubation?

Um, it’s really up to you, how you incubate it. If you want to post the Incubation you can. One thing I would like to know is if you feel you were successful with the incubation or not.

Right… I had two dreams last night!

One of them didn’t exactly have water in it, but I was in a hurry to finish building a fence because rain was on the way! :content: So… I techincally don’t feel this is a full blown watery induced dream. But 2 dreams to my score!

No rain in my dreams what I can remember :uh:

Dreams recalled too poorly to be given any points :razz:

Well, I recalled a fragment and a dream last night, no water though. It was raining outside when I woke up at night. I’ll get it posted later, maybe in a few minutes.

By the way, before the competition started I had a dream about it. Does that count for anything? :tongue:

I had 2 NDs and a chained short LD last night. I haven’t really tried chaining that much before so yay.

You sure that their not worth the points?

Haha I had a dream about the Challenge the night before it too. I don’t think we can count them. :tongue:

Heh, I had a good one last night, will post in my DJ shortly.

Basically I was water skiing, in the rain…in a flooded cave. Very, very fast! Just without the boat, or tow rope, or even skis for that matter.

[edit]Posted: Big Creepy Monster Thing With Fangs?

Dreamjutsu, I remember nothing of that dream, except that I never saw any water in it :razz:

No dreams recalled :sad:

Maybe because I had only 5 hours of sleep :tongue: