ND Challenge #1

No rain in my dreams what I can remember :uh:

Dreams recalled too poorly to be given any points :razz:

Well, I recalled a fragment and a dream last night, no water though. It was raining outside when I woke up at night. I’ll get it posted later, maybe in a few minutes.

By the way, before the competition started I had a dream about it. Does that count for anything? :tongue:

I had 2 NDs and a chained short LD last night. I haven’t really tried chaining that much before so yay.

You sure that their not worth the points?

Haha I had a dream about the Challenge the night before it too. I don’t think we can count them. :tongue:

Heh, I had a good one last night, will post in my DJ shortly.

Basically I was water skiing, in the rain…in a flooded cave. Very, very fast! Just without the boat, or tow rope, or even skis for that matter.

[edit]Posted: Big Creepy Monster Thing With Fangs?

Dreamjutsu, I remember nothing of that dream, except that I never saw any water in it :razz:

No dreams recalled :sad:

Maybe because I had only 5 hours of sleep :tongue:

:thumbs: good one YSIM

Just one dream with no water in it.

Ok so so far this is how the points stand so far for day 1. :grin:
Please make sure I tallied them correctly. If you have any questions please ask.


  1. Dreamjutsu…45
  2. Hexaditidom…
  3. moogle…10
  4. GHOSTIE11…0
  5. Carnun…20
  6. Ysim…40 Congratulations on completing the first goal so fast :partying_face:
  7. Kirbypowered…20
  8. TheChris…0
  9. Mugiwara…[/spoiler]
    Do you all want me to do daily scores, or should It just be every few days?

@Hexaditidom & Mugiwara
You have yet to post you dream count for the day, as soon as you do I will add it to your respective scores. :content:

Once a day seems best. Lets us see who’s in the lead so far :smile:

I agree!!

I had two dreams last night - but nothing watery… unless you count the cup of coffee that distracted me - the bar that I was in… which probably had water it it :tongue: The funny thing is, I didn’t recall the dream until I was taking a shower this morning!

Well done Yves on the dream!! Very nice dream too - when do we vote?

Ok, I’ll try post the scores every evening here unless for some reason I can’t.

The voting will be done at the end of the whole ND Challenge.
That is unless you all think it would be better to vote every induction goal period. That would allow more votes and therby more points. I think that might be good. :content:

I was thinking of running the Challenge for 2-4 weeks with 2 goals a week, Sundays, and Wednesdays.
The winner at the end of that time could then take over and reset the scores or whatever.
What does everybody think?

How long should it be?
How often should we vote?
Once at the end or every couple days?

Sorry for all the uncertainty. :shy:

After the end of each incubation section sounds good. I’m happy to go upto 4 weeks.

i Agree as well… at the end of each incubation session.

Is it an idea to only vote on successful incubated dreams? We could all submit a dream at the end of the period which we feel was the most successful?! maybe this idea is getting too far away from the purpose of the competition?!

first post said ‘most interesting dream’
and a vote also for best written dj
if it has to be on the incubation subject … then some may not be even eligible for a vote.
i think the voters can be relied on to be swayed by the ones that were successful.

I agree, voting after every incubation goal. Also, I would stick with the two votes as originally planned, one for most interesting dreamcontent and one for the best design/writing.

I remembered 2 NDs today. :whistle:
no water .

(Check out my Journal. Funny Lord of the Rings dream.)

Sorry. I’ve been really busy :sad:
Here’s what I’ve got so far. ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=598357#598357

From rain to snow :cool:

And I think that voting after each incubation period is better than at end of challenge :grin:

Ok, the first vote will be tomorrow (wednesday) evening. Preferably after most people have updated their DJs.


At the end of every incubation session you may vote on who’s DJ you enjoyed the most, in the categories;
Best Overall Dream Content, and Best Writing Style/clarity of journal.
You have 4 votes per voting session, two per category, one for your first and second picks in each category.
You cannot vote for yourself. (not that you would :tongue: )
You cannot vote for the same person twice in the same category during the same voting session.
Votes may be submitted via post or by pm for sake of being anonymous.
You earn 30 points per vote you receive.
You do not have to vote if you do not want to, but it is encouraged.

I will try to post the next incubation goal in the morning where I am.

It’s fine :smile: . I will try to post the scores this evening. :content:

Congrats on the rainy dream. :cool:

LOTR dream yay! :grin:
Oh, and I had 2 dreams last night but i will only count 1. Unfortunately the super long epic one faded instantly upon awakening. I was like Noooooo! :sad: maybe I’ll remember it though…I hope so…

I updated my DJ :happy:. I had like 5 ND’s though none about water unless a flood counts but I didn’t see the flood.

3 more dreams last night.

Not sure if it counts…or if I’d get the points again anyway :tongue:, but I was playing a Mario video game with a few water levels in it. Funny part is when I saw Mario swimming through the water the first time I said “Ah that’s what I was looking for,” but had NO idea why I said that.

Going to type them up now.

[edit]Mario, May I Have Your Bed?, Voice Text From Your Boss, and He Looks Drunk!