ND Challenge #1

I agree, voting after every incubation goal. Also, I would stick with the two votes as originally planned, one for most interesting dreamcontent and one for the best design/writing.

I remembered 2 NDs today. :whistle:
no water .

(Check out my Journal. Funny Lord of the Rings dream.)

Sorry. I’ve been really busy :sad:
Here’s what I’ve got so far. ld4all.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=598357#598357

From rain to snow :cool:

And I think that voting after each incubation period is better than at end of challenge :grin:

Ok, the first vote will be tomorrow (wednesday) evening. Preferably after most people have updated their DJs.


At the end of every incubation session you may vote on who’s DJ you enjoyed the most, in the categories;
Best Overall Dream Content, and Best Writing Style/clarity of journal.
You have 4 votes per voting session, two per category, one for your first and second picks in each category.
You cannot vote for yourself. (not that you would :tongue: )
You cannot vote for the same person twice in the same category during the same voting session.
Votes may be submitted via post or by pm for sake of being anonymous.
You earn 30 points per vote you receive.
You do not have to vote if you do not want to, but it is encouraged.

I will try to post the next incubation goal in the morning where I am.

It’s fine :smile: . I will try to post the scores this evening. :content:

Congrats on the rainy dream. :cool:

LOTR dream yay! :grin:
Oh, and I had 2 dreams last night but i will only count 1. Unfortunately the super long epic one faded instantly upon awakening. I was like Noooooo! :sad: maybe I’ll remember it though…I hope so…

I updated my DJ :happy:. I had like 5 ND’s though none about water unless a flood counts but I didn’t see the flood.

3 more dreams last night.

Not sure if it counts…or if I’d get the points again anyway :tongue:, but I was playing a Mario video game with a few water levels in it. Funny part is when I saw Mario swimming through the water the first time I said “Ah that’s what I was looking for,” but had NO idea why I said that.

Going to type them up now.

[edit]Mario, May I Have Your Bed?, Voice Text From Your Boss, and He Looks Drunk!

Just one dream. A stuffy was in it but I didn’t think of the labyrinth.

With This Stuffy …

I would count it, especially since you recognized it in the dream, even if you didn’t know why at the time.

Everyone ok with that?
Completing goals multiple times?

Well, I had a dream about Minecraft last night, I don’t remember many details. I do remember that I fell off a building beside a plastic cup of water. A voiced warned me not to knock down the sacred water. :tongue:

Points, Day 2


Great dreaming everyone. I will try to post the next challenge in the morning.
Please double check the scores.
Be ready to vote on who’s DJ you find most interesting, and who’s you feel is written the best tomorrow evening. :good:

And the next challenge is…
A Heroic Rescue

Save a Princess, or a prince, help a kitten from a tree, banish darkness back to the underworld, take back Narnia, be the hero from your favorite movie/tv show, just save/help, someone/something/the world, from certain doom or something like that.

Don’t forget to read peoples Dream Journals and cast your votes this afternoon/evening.
Remember, you can still do the past challenge for some points. 20 to be exact.
Happy Dreaming. :cool_raz:

Oh, and I remember 1 dream last night. I hate being woken up, it kill my recall so much… It made a funny dream though…in a way…

Oh, I was a bit late posting todays dream, have other things to do than posting dreams :razz:

The Planets Core (todays dream)

I remembered two dreams today. One was a fragment because before I could record it when I woke up I fell asleep again, which led to the second, short dream. There was no sign of water. I’ll go update my DJ now, since I was too lazy yesterday.

I like the new challenge, it sounds like it could work well with my personal goal. :tongue:

Wednesday … still water theme.

2 dreams … one had a flash of a mop bucket filled with water but I judge that as getting close and not successful :tongue: link

Best Overall Dream Content

  1. YSIM
  2. Dreamjutsu

Best Writing Style/clarity of journal.

  1. Carnun
  2. GHOSTIE11

voting was so hard :cry:

Ok, scores for today, keep in mind some of you have not given your dream count or updated your DJ yet, and many have not voted. I will update later.

Warning please vote before you look at the scores.

I will reveal how many votes people got in which category once everyone is done voting.

Updated: some more people voted, a couple more left.

/me agrees with moogle.

/me also has 4 more ND’s to type up.
Nothing too heroic though. One precog, though I wish it wasn’t.
Dr McNinja, The Live Action, Cut Back Hours, Now That’s Fancy, and Werewolves Have Taken The Zerg Overmind

Sorry I had no chance to post yesterday.

The last two days I remembered only fragments that do not count as dreams :sad:

I had no recall last night!!

I finally had great recall again last night. Recall like i used to have a while back. :smile: I remembered like 5 dreams. :grin: 1 completed the water goal and 1 completed the rescue goal, maybe 2 for the rescue goal. I’l let y’all judge that. :tongue:

Goes to commence with tha typing of tha night adventures.

EDIT: Make that 6 I just remembered one more :content: