ND Challenge #1

Ill go away for an online conference tomorrow and wont be able to be here that much :tongue: but Ill see if I get time to vote :cool:

No dream recall for Saturday.

Well, not much recall today. I remember a rather short and boring dream about Minecraft and a fragment of what I’m guessing was an awesome and long dream.

Scores. Tomorrow I will post the next goal.
Be ready to vote. :grin:


Had a long and decent ND, but the content is way too private to share with the forum :tongue:

Here’s my latest. I’ve been able to recall something every night, and got a medium LD last night, but nothing related to the goals.
Again, really busy with schoolwork IRL, so I haven’t had much time to read other DJ’s. Sorry. :[

New Goal!

Play an instrument, listen to your Mp3 player, have the epic background music like in movies there to narrate your dreams.

Don’t forget to vote, just PM me that makes it easy to keep them all in one place. :content:

That’s fine, :content: I’ll add them up.

Ack! I have 4 more dreams to type up from last night. (1 rescue…though the circumstances were fairly pathetic)

Rescuing a cat being chased/swimming away from a mouse >.>, choosing which part of a person gets eaten, sneaking around avoiding a kid’s slumber party and stealing their cake, and attempting to brew mead.

I should go chain myself to my DJ until I get caught up. :tongue:

[EDIT] (Ok Thursday night’s dream posted.)

[EDIT]Just a Game of Mouse and Cat, Shall I Eat His Arm, Or Leg First?, Silly Kids, Cake Are For Me!, and Xander’s Secret Stash O’ Mead

no recall today, just a small fragment :sad:

Haha, music in dreams is too easy for me :tongue: because music is a big part of my life :cool_raz: but its too early to say if I get a music dream this dream period :tongue:

Not much recall today, I only got 4 and a half hours of sleep last night. >_< I remember a fragment and what is either a fragment as well or just a short dream. I’ll go with fragment.

I’ll get these uploaded as soon as possible, I’ll get around to voting at some point too.

I rescued someone in my latest dream. Does it still count or is it too late?

Hmmm, music. I actually have an idea for this one!

Surprisingly, I’m ALWAYS listening to music but so rarely dream about it. I’ve even tried sleeping with the music on, but it never seems to seep through.

Sunday … I felt a dream memory that was really close to the surface, but couldn’t capture it.

I’ll vote as soon as I’ve caught up with the latest dreams.

Yeah, it still counts. The new challenge only starts today. :content:

I’m gunna wait until tomorrow afternoon to post the scores, since some more peoples will probably vote. Ok?

UNfortunatly I can not continue with this dream challange thing. Life has become rather chaotic and my attention is needed elsewhere for the next few weeks/months?! Good luck everyone…, I think the challange is a great idea and it was nice to read your dreams!

Woohoo! A long LD with music!
When is the deadline for this one?

Aww, well I hope you can get stuff sorted out then. Thanks, and good luck to you as well.

On the challenge, I remembered one nice long dream from last night with rain in it, no Minecraft either! I’ll probably get it written up soon.

Aww, ok. It was nice reading your dreams. Maybe next time. :content: Thanks for participating while you could.

I had 1 nicely sized and detailed ND last night, probably more but my baby brothers would not stop screaming!

EDIT: Make that 2 dreams, while writing down the first I remembered an earlier dream. yay :grin: