ND Challenge 3 - Winner MagykKatte

You can still enter blackkettle … just edit your details into your post and we will add them to the list. It’s the first day today :thumbs:

Name…Dream Journal link …Personal Goal

Oh, cool! Thank you! :happy: Here it is then:

  1. BlackKettle | BK’s Library of Dreams | Visit my personal library I made up filled with books serving as portals to the entire universe.

Good dreaming, everyone! :tongue:

Swimming in a lake last night. That’s water. :razz:

EDIT: 2 more ND’s last night, but nothing interesting. I will type up that other dream as soon as I get a chance.

As soon as I focus on NDs I have a lucid dream :tongue:. Nothing task related and have since forgotten the ND thar followed.

My dream had all 4 in a Thick stream, leaving earth, and then coming back :stuck_out_tongue:
Avatar status :smiley:

Guys, be sure to type up your dreams and post in your DJ where the ND challenge dreams begin. :razz:

Even it is not related to the task our NDs worth something right ?

Every ND remembered is worth 10 points, so yes. :tongue:

Bugger, it’s the third of april. Bit too late to join, sounds like, but at least this reminded me of incubation…and I do need to start recalling more of my dreams.

Ahh well, I’ll join the next challenge that pops up in the forums, although I am looking forward as to see who wins here.

Oh, had an ND in which I was discussing Vampire Game RG with Marvin. No other comment at the moment, the game is still going after all :razz:

I had a dream that featured earth (in a cave in a mountain) and water (a deep stream inside said cave) last night.

Odd how I could clearly remember my dreams two nights in a row and suddenly nothing.

Hmmm… I’ll just have to keep trying and hope for the best :smile:

Got both water and fire in one dream :smile:

I was underwater in one of my dreams last night.

Been a dry week for me, but just had a dream about snow and ice in the north pole. Screams of water :smile:.

It’s called - ‘5/4/2012 - ND - A Snowy Adventure’

Two ND’s.

In one I found myself underground and had to dig my way out. I suppose that goes to earth. Sorry, no time to type out, I’ll try to get it up in my DJ in a day or two.

Well, if hearing water bubbling is not enough, I swam in water in one dream and almost drowned in other :tongue:

Okay guys, remember, this task will be over by the time you wake up friday morning, so be sure to post all task related dreams by then!

Had a dream related to water! Yay! :colgate: I’ll type it up right now in my DJ!

2 nights ago I had a dream in which I flew through the air, but I forgot to post it