ND Challenge 3 - Winner MagykKatte

Oh, cool! Thank you! :happy: Here it is then:

  1. BlackKettle | BK’s Library of Dreams | Visit my personal library I made up filled with books serving as portals to the entire universe.

Good dreaming, everyone! :tongue:

Swimming in a lake last night. That’s water. :razz:

EDIT: 2 more ND’s last night, but nothing interesting. I will type up that other dream as soon as I get a chance.

As soon as I focus on NDs I have a lucid dream :tongue:. Nothing task related and have since forgotten the ND thar followed.

My dream had all 4 in a Thick stream, leaving earth, and then coming back :stuck_out_tongue:
Avatar status :smiley:

Guys, be sure to type up your dreams and post in your DJ where the ND challenge dreams begin. :razz:

Even it is not related to the task our NDs worth something right ?

Every ND remembered is worth 10 points, so yes. :tongue:

Bugger, it’s the third of april. Bit too late to join, sounds like, but at least this reminded me of incubation…and I do need to start recalling more of my dreams.

Ahh well, I’ll join the next challenge that pops up in the forums, although I am looking forward as to see who wins here.

Oh, had an ND in which I was discussing Vampire Game RG with Marvin. No other comment at the moment, the game is still going after all :razz:

I had a dream that featured earth (in a cave in a mountain) and water (a deep stream inside said cave) last night.

Odd how I could clearly remember my dreams two nights in a row and suddenly nothing.

Hmmm… I’ll just have to keep trying and hope for the best :smile:

Got both water and fire in one dream :smile:

I was underwater in one of my dreams last night.

Been a dry week for me, but just had a dream about snow and ice in the north pole. Screams of water :smile:.

It’s called - ‘5/4/2012 - ND - A Snowy Adventure’

Two ND’s.

In one I found myself underground and had to dig my way out. I suppose that goes to earth. Sorry, no time to type out, I’ll try to get it up in my DJ in a day or two.

Well, if hearing water bubbling is not enough, I swam in water in one dream and almost drowned in other :tongue:

Okay guys, remember, this task will be over by the time you wake up friday morning, so be sure to post all task related dreams by then!

Had a dream related to water! Yay! :colgate: I’ll type it up right now in my DJ!

2 nights ago I had a dream in which I flew through the air, but I forgot to post it

Points have been counted, if you post in your DJ after this post and before the points are posted, please say so here so we know to look back at your DJ before posting the points. Thanks!