ND Challenge 5

The list has been finalised and all that’s left to say is: Let the Challenge Begin! :content:

[center]Task 1: It’s a me, Mario!


Here we have one of the worlds most iconic heros! Unfortunately for us, it seems that Mario is busy and the world needs help more than ever!

Every story needs a hero, and every hero needs to become known! Your task is to find the hero in you and to do something heroic. So what will it be? Will you save the princess? Find the cure to an apocalypse? Win the war against the zombies? Or simply rescue a kitty from a tree?

Stay tuned denizens, while we bring you full coverage of these heroic antics!

(This broadcaster would like to mention that all heros have precisely three days to make a name for themselves.)

Edit: Just to clarify: become any kind of hero and do something heroic is the task. Those were just examples. Good luck everyone. <3

YAY it has started!

When, exactly, do the tasks end? We are in many different timezones, and a set deadline would be nice, for example “72 hours from the time of this post”

/me looks forward to this :cool:

Yay! So last night’s dreams don’t count. :razz: But I’m ready to go! :happy:


22nd February, 2013
2 normal dreams

23rd February, 2013
2 normal dreams

24th Februay, 2013
2 normal dreams

25th February, 2013
Task 2 begins
3 normal dreams
Possible chaining? Dreams were unrelated though

26th February, 2013
1 normal dream
I was a superhero, but I did not do anything specifically heroic

<----- checkpoint scoring: 110 points ----->

27th February, 2013
2 normal dreams
Second dream definitely was heroic, because I had destroyed the essence of evil, so, late task bonus maybe? puppy eyes

28th February, 2013
2 normal dreams
1 fragment

1st March, 2013
1 normal dream
1 fragment

2nd March, 2013
1 normal dream

  • task + chaining

3rd March, 2013
3 normal dreams
The second dream was a dream not a fragment, but all that happened was just idle chatter for a long time. The third one was a nap dream.

  • chaining

4th March, 2013
1 normal dream

5th March, 2013
Task 3 begins

6th March, 2013
1 normal dream
1 fragment

7th March, 2013
1 lucid/normal dream hybrid

  • personal task + current task + chaining

<----- checkpoint scoring: 380 ----->

8th March, 2013
Task 4 begins
1 normal dream

11th March, 2013
1 normal dream

12th March, 2013
Task 5 begins
2 normal dreams

15th March, 2013
2 normal dreams
The first one being incredibly vivid

17th March, 2013
2 normal dreams
The first one being very long and vivid

19th March, 2013
1 normal dream

21st March, 2013
Task 6 begins
1 normal dream
Extremely long and vivid story-like dream

22nd March, 2013
5 normal dreams

24th March, 2013
2 normal dreams

25th March, 2013
1 normal dream + personal task

26th March, 2013
3 normal dreams

27th March, 2013
1 normal dream

28th March, 2013
1 normal dream + Task 6

Nein! I missed this, but I am having lots of other stuff to do, so this was no big loss :razz:

1 Normal dream and fragment:
Wulf’s dream den - Dimensions & fish

Ghost, you post on the first day saying you missed it. -.- You can still be in it as it’s the first round still

Unfortunately I did not remember any dreams this morning. Off to a slow start! :razz:

Is it to late to enter? :shy: Any motivation for dream recall is a bonus at the moment… :content:

Two NDs last night located here. No dream heroism, though, I’m afraid. :sad:

Long nd last night, and i saw her!
My next ND goal will be to create a force field to protect something.

Two NDs and a short LD. I got the heroism all wrong and was a supervillain. :roll:

No recall at all lately :sad:

As I said to Ghost, Somnium, you may also join as we are only in the first round.


2 Normal dreams AND completed the hero challenge (I think). I saved a fox cub from death and tried to get it somewhere safe.
Wulf’s dream den - kittehs and monkeys &The fox and the race


/me links to his journal now and sets his goal to spawn in Ceeia :razz:

one ND today: there was a lion in the bathroom. Will post after work.

Wulf, generally the TM leaves the “completion of the task” status up to the participant. If you feel the deed was heroic, then I will count it as such. On that note, all new participants should be aware that if they complete their personal challenge, then they are able to change it.

Ghost, what’s Ceeia?

Yay! I got the heroism task completed! :happy: Only one ND, though I forgot one I had earlier today.

February 22, 2013 - Muddy Water and Bikes.

The Blue Pill missed the opportunity of a LD :meh: