ND Challenge 8: Congratulations Bom!

It counts. Good dream recall so far too, good job! :content:

Here are the scores from the first week of the challenge. Let me know if I made any mistakes.

I awarded 30 bonus points to CaptainBee for her amazing quality of recall throughout the week.

I awarded 10 bonus points to obfusc8, who recalled 3 NDs well after chaining and has clearly improved his recall.

I also awarded 10 bonus points to James_UK2008 for recalling multiple dreams with great clarity.

Scores as of the end of Task 1:

  1. Bom 18 ND + 2 LD + 2 RC + 9 Fragment + 2 Task = 359
  2. CaptainBee 19 ND + 4 Fragment + 2 Task + 30 Quality of Recall = 340
  3. Mew151 3 ND + 1 LD + 18 Fragment + 1 Personal Goal + 2 Task= 254
  4. James_UK2008 9 ND + 1 LD + 5 Fragment + 1 RC + 1 Personal Goal + 10 Quality of Recall= 167
  5. obfusc8 9 ND + 4 Fragment + 2 Chain + 10 Quality of Recall =130
  6. Hillatoppa 6 ND + 2 LD + 3 Fragment + 3 RC + 1 Personal Goal (lucid) = 121
  7. paual 2 ND + 1 RC + 1 Task = 72
  8. moogle 1 ND = 10
  9. Ghosteh 1 ND = 10
  10. Starry
  11. mr_block

[center]Task 2

When you are moving fast in a dream, it’s usually a great dream. Free falling, flying a jet aircraft and superhuman running are always fun. The second task requires a specific dream action, unlike the first task. The task is to move fast in a dream. Just to keep things simple, teleportation and normal running wont count, you have to move faster than you would normally run.

To complete the second task:
-Move fast! So for example: be superhuman, find a vehicle, use gravity or shapeshift.

I hope everyone has fun completing this task. Good luck :smile:

Interesting! I love those kind of dreams, so it shouldn’t be too hard for me to get one. I hope. :shy:

As for last night’s dreams, could you add those points to the current tally? Sorry for having written it a bit late.

Oh also, as of now all my dreams for this task will be written here.

Week 2 Task 2

[spoiler]>> DJ <<
[APR. 25] 5 NDs and 2 fragments. Not too shabby if you ask me. I dreamed of snow in one of the NDs too, so that should count as the current task having been completed twice since it had been before the second task was given.

[APR. 26] 2 NDs and 4 fragments. I’m lagging a bit in updating my dreams with work and all taking up my time, so sorry for that. I’ll try to catch up tomorrow.

[APR. 27] 2 NDs and 3 fragments. A little lacking in recall last night, but it’s not too bad either. No sign of any tasks or my personal goal being completed yet.
Also, I’m a horrible person for shoving my cat into a giant monstrous spider.

[APR. 28] 2 long NDs and 2 fragments. I can confirm to having completed the second task[/b] as I was catapulted into a lake of white rice. Still no personal goal completion, though.

[APR. 29] 1 ND and 3 fragments. My recall has noticeably decreased.
Also, I think I should have chosen a more specific personal goal since I’m pretty confused as to whether I completed it in last night’s dream or not. I hadn’t teleported voluntarily, but I was the one who initiated it by pressing the button unknowingly.
Well, I guess I’ll count this as having completed my personal goal. I did teleport, and in any case I’ll be able to change my goal to something more specific now.

[APR. 30] 3 NDs and 2 fragments. So close to completing my new personal goal, yet so far.[/spoiler]

Not a problem! That’s a lot of points too, you are currently in second place! :content:

2 dreams


Short Lucid dream last night in which I rode a motorcycle really fast. It felt pretty supersonic and it was my personal goal whoop! :bounce:

My new goal is to dream about a different time period in history.

Alright, so I believe to have completed my personal goal of teleporting in last night’s dream titled Promises, Promises.

If that’s the case, then I’d like to change my personal goal to having my very own pokemon. :colgate:

One dream. Gingham style. I will type it up soon.

Oh-ho-ho my god, I was so close to having my very own pokemon! So close! I was playing some kind of video game, and at the end as a prize I was given a choice to either keep a Togekiss or give it to someone else, and I accidentally chose the later! I had to restart the game multiple times, and even then my dream ended before I could choose to keep him.

Well, better luck next time.

I had a fragment and also a ND in which I went fast. I think I went fast enough to count as “Supersonic” :razz: Yay!

one ND - ‘Norman’

[center]Task 3

Many fantasy stories have ghosts. In LOTR an army of dead men, the Dead of Dunharrow, fought for Aragorn in the battle of Pelennor Fields. Harry Potter and even Matrix had ghosts. LD4All has ghosts :happy: They are fairly cool guys and gals in dreams too, unless they are angry spirits. For the task three you will need to meet one of these.

To complete the third task:

-Meet a ghost, spirit or any spectral entity.

Just feeling like there are spirits around isn’t enough. You have to see them or interact with the dream so there is no doubt about it being a real spectral entity.

Here are the scores so far! Tell me if I made any mistakes. I will update the scores for any dreams from last night that have not been posted yet.

CaptainBee continued to post detailed and long dreams and Bom also got a few really well recalled dreams. Both are awarded with 20 bonus points!

Scores as of the end of Week 2:

  1. CaptainBee 340 + 16 ND + 15 Fragment + 1 Task + 2 Late Task + 20 Quality of Recall = 695
  2. Bom 359 + 13 ND + 2 LD + 2 RC + 7 Fragment + 1 Late Task (lucid) + 1 Task (lucid) + 20 Quality of Recall = 608
  3. Mew151 254 + 2 ND + 1 Fragment + 1 Task= 329
  4. James_UK2008 167 + 11 ND + 6 Fragment + 1 RC = 307
  5. obfusc8 130 + 8 ND + 2 LD + 4 Fragment + 1 Task (lucid) + 1 Personal Goal (lucid) =290
  6. Hillatoppa 121 + 0 = 121
  7. paual 72 + 0 = 72
  8. moogle 10 + 4 ND = 50
  9. Ghosteh 10 + 0 = 10
  10. Starry
  11. mr_block

Sorry I haven’t been updating lately. I don’t even have a good excuse as to why I didn’t update today. And even then I’ll be working all day tomorrow and after tomorrow, so the earliest I can promise to update my dreams is on Monday.

I’ll try to update a bit tomorrow when I get back, but I can’t set anything in stone. Again, really sorry.

Also, excellent theme this week!

The Road Trip - just one ND

That’s fine.

2 dreams

Kill shot - there is fire in this, so an old task completion?
Clear out


Man, I have totally forgot this challenge because of my journey to the continent :razz: but hopefully my DR will improve now :cool:

three dreams

  1. Doctor Appointment
  2. Refreshments
  3. Bird Brain