ND Challenge 8: Congratulations Bom!


Brains??? <-- one ND

I edited one of my previous nights dreams, changed it from a fragment to a ND - “Iron Man is Dead”. When I thought about it during the day it was a lot more detailed than when I first woke up.

Quite unexpectedly finished my personal goal last night… Was in a Viking village, watching them make drums. Was completely not what I had imagined or planned for if I got lucid. (I watch a lot of stuff like Boardwalk Empire, Musketeers etc and figured some of those historic times would make fun dream settings - plus I would have expected a dream with Vikings to be more… bloodthirsty! :content: )

Guess I should have been more specific.

Anyways, new goal is to learn martial arts from a master.

Kinda odd vikings indeed. :razz: Nice job with the personal goals so far. Congrats on the lucid dreams and good recall as well. I’ve updated your personal goal.

Makeover - one ND

Alright, so here’s May 16th’s dream since I hadn’t written it down before the scores were tallied.

Week 5, Task 5

[spoiler][MAY 19] 4 NDs!
[MAY 20] 5 NDs. I’m pretty sure I completed the current task last night as I crash landed onto an alien planet.
[MAY 23] Just 1 ND, but it was still pretty cool, being a sidekick and everything.

Traveling - one ND

I really NEED that fun dream. :meh:

Hey, I didn’t totally give up!
Two ND’s, one with a spooky ghost at one point.

Positive thoughts! You’ll get one soon :content:

Never give up! I also saw a ghost/ dead person in last night’s dream :happy:

2 more ND’s, with no tasks done (I think).

Waiting… - one ND

edit 22nd

Hidden Places - one ND

Alright! The NDC 8 is over! I’ll give everyone 12 hours to post any dreams that they had before this was posted. Thank you all for participating. I hope everyone had fun competing and improving their recall. :smile:

Final Scores

  1. Bom 1268 + 12 ND + 16 Fragment + 4 Late Task = 1568
  2. CaptainBee 980 + 10 ND + 1 Task + 1 Late Task = 1155
  3. obfusc8 636 + 18 ND + 1 LD + 5 Fragment + 2 Late Task + 1 Personal Goal = 931
  4. James_UK2008 671 + 9 ND + 4 LD + 3 RC + 4 Fragment + 1 Personal Goal= 872
  5. Mew151 359 + 6 ND + 1 Late Task= 444
  6. moogle 205 + 5 ND= 255
  7. Hillatoppa 121 + 0 = 121
  8. paual 72 + 0 = 72
  9. Ghosteh 25 + 0 = 25
  10. mr_block 10 +0 = 10
  11. Starry

No one received bonus points this week.

[center]Congratulations to the winner
of ND Challenge 8,

In total Bom had 82 NDs, 4 LDs and 46 Fragments :smile:

And thank you to all of the contestants for participating! The winner gets to host the next challenge or pass it on to the runner up.

Edit: Some stats from the NDC 8. In total there was 296 dreams (22 were LDs) and 142 fragments.

Thanks Letaali for running the challenge it was good fun and great motivation to improve my recall. And although I didn’t manage many of the tasks it gave me some cool ideas for future goals.

Congratulations Bom! That’s an impressive amount of dreams.

And thanks to the other participants, some very amusing, weird, crazy dreams that I enjoyed reading from you all.

I was thinking that too.

Congrats Bom :yay:

Yay! You all had some impressive dreams too! Thank you :happy:

Bom said on the IRC that she does not want to host so it’s now for CaptainBee to decide if she wants to host or not.

I’m sad to report that I won’t be able to host the next ND challenge since I’ll be leaving in 3 weeks for camp which will unfortunately last all summer.

I’m really sorry, but it’ll have to be someone else. :sad:

Alright, obfusc8, your turn. Do you want to host?

Sure. I don’t mind giving it a go. :cool: