Need some help (dream distracts me from lucidity)

Okay, let me explain. Basically, I have already lucid dreaming every now and then but I have a little Issue. Almost everytime something in my dream appears and tries to disconcentrate me. I’ve been bitten by dogs all of a sudden. And this time, today in my last lucid dream, a ball hit me on the butt. So, I guess my subconcious wants me to loss focus so I wake up. Someone can help me to bypass those feelings unconfortables they make me feel? It’s like I can’t just walk with a dog in my hand or a ball in my butt. or whatever it was. I need some feedback.

I understand that only you can answer this question.
Why does your subconscious want you to lose focus and wake up???
Perhaps a brainstorm about LD will help identify why.
When you brainstorm on your own, you don’t have to worry about other people’s ego or opinions and can be more free and authentic.
Consider using mind maps to develop ideas related to LD.

Hello @Golpestd, welcome to LD4all :wave:

Congratulations on your lucid dreams. Getting some experience is a very effective way to progress.

I can comfort you that your subconscious has no such a agenda :slight_smile: Maybe it wants to make you aware of something specific or it wants to test you in some sense or show you something. But I don’t think it has any ambition to make you lose focus.

The most important piece of advice I think is to not get distracted and demotivated. That sounds somewhat lame and obvious, so let me explain more concretely: There is a real danger that you identify these distraction as something bad that disrupts your lucid dream and is inevitable. And that is dangerous because if you expect something similar to happen then the next time you are lucid it almost certainly will! Dreams are the manifestation of our expectations. You probably heard that sentence before, because it is extremely important to lucid dreamers, especially once you entered a lucid dream. So heed this lesson and turn your expectation around: “The next time I’m lucid I will *insert your goal here*.“ Simply erase the expectation that something distracting will happen. I promise you it won’t! This is one of those few problems in life that truly gets solved by literally ignoring it :lol:

Now I talked about getting rid of the occurrence, the inevitability of the annoying event. Another approach that may actually be more fun to pursue is to turn its effect around. You said it distracts you and you may lose focus and lucidity. Well, how about turning it into a dream sign then? The next time you’re lucid (or even before it!) a dog bites you or another uncomfortable feeling is pestering you, remember that this is what usually happens to you in dreams. Use the occasion to question your circumstances and reality. If you are already lucid or at least fairly sure that it’s a dream, then take in the whole feeling, e.g. the dog’s teeth latching on to your calf. This kind of sensation and connection can even increase your focus! Physical interaction helps many people to get grounded better in the dream.

Hope this helps. In either case I’m curious to read your reports and how your dreams develop :happy:


Well, what you said makes some sense. Actually, I don’t have lucid dreamings anytime I want it. Just ocasionally when I sleep more than usual. Maybe once, twice or thrice at month. So it could take a little time to update it. Since it isn’t something I really control when, I can’t go to sleep thinking everything will be alright. Usually, in my LD, I wake up a couple mins later, if I don’t rub my hands, I can’t be there longer. I can be also looking at my hands to focus, but once I leave I wake up fast. So if some dog appears and attacks me, I try to get rid of it, but I wake up quickly. If I ignore it, it’s just uncomfortable to walk with it. I guess I’ll have to try if I can convince myself nothing’s gonna happen. If not, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do much.

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A couple of things here. First, I’ll reiterate what @Marvin said. Your SC is not trying to sabotage you. Frankly I don’t believe it has any desires whatsoever. It’s just the unconscious processes happening beneath your conscious thought. The SC is you, not some separate entity.

I also used to have a lot of issues with losing the dream once I became lucid. For a long while unless I was rubbing my hands I was likely to lose the dream. And yes, I could easily be distracted. It mainly took time to get used to keeping my senses active in other ways. Smell and taste what you can. Feel the textures of the wall, notice if there’s a breeze. Over time you’ll find you have to do this less and less, but it just takes time. The good news is you got the hardest part out of the way.

I also had issues with things in dreams distracting me. I remember the dream where I overcame this very vividly. I became lucid in a car in the side yard of a childhood home. I was marveling at the detail, but when I was leaving the car, the seatbelt wrapped around my ankle, seemingly trying to hold me back. Instead of fighting it, I didn’t even look in its direction. I just said “no,” and stepped forward knowing that it would let go as soon as I did. Like Marvin said, expectation is reality in a dream.

A few other tips since we sound similar. Do not trust that you have woken up. It took me years to learn that it was a false awakening at least half of the time. Do several reality checks that you can easily do without getting out of bed or opening your eyes (pinching your nose is a great one). If you are awake, try imagine the feeling of rubbing your hands together. If you can focus in on that, there’s a good chance you’ll end up in a DEILD.

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