Need some SP help

hey guys im new to this dream thing and i find it to be awesome. anyways i was wondering, last night i tired WILD and i guess it worked alright, but woke up before i got into LD (too exicted :tongue: ) anyways i had a few questions.

  1. are you suppost to get SP when doing WILD
  2. i use the 1 im dreaming 2 im dreaming method and it worked pretty well, question is after doing this are u suppost to fall asleep and step into LD or are you awake and LD? im kinda lost
  3. thirdly, after using the counting WILD method do i go into LD state?
  1. Not necessarily. Sometimes people get it, sometimes people don’t.

  2. You’re asleep after you perform a WILD. You’re just still aware. Chances are you’re still repeating the mantra when you start dreaming. That, or you notice passing through the sleep barrier. (I dunno if I answered this well… it IS kinda confusing, come to think of it.)

  3. Yes. Hence Wake-Induced-LD. :wink:

thank you very much

  1. are you suppost to get SP when doing WILD

Every-1 goes into SP during the REM cycle of sleep (the part of the sleep cycle where we dream) if we did not go into SP we would act out our dreams.

It’s just that sometimes our mind wakes up IRL while in SP before the body does and it scares a lot of people when this happens, because (1) they can not move and (2) because since this happens in the rem cycle HI is very strong and since your mind is thinking scary thoughts the HI turns into either the old hag or some other form of scary images, but what i have learned over the past many years is, that if you can keep your mind from being so afraid, and try only to think happy thoughts while in SP, because if you think happy thoughts the HI will also be friendly and before you know it SP and the HI turns into a LD cause you drifted back off to sleep.



You are using the WBTB Technique with this right? If not i highly recommend it. unless you are taking a afternoon nap then you can do WILD very effectively

There have been a few accounts where the body of a person will wake up instead of the mind and the body will act out the dream this is also known as “Sleep-Walking”

thanks i have another question do you go into LD right after using the WILD? or does it take a lot of time. and why should i use the WBTB?

like most of everything in life practice makes perfect, just keep reminding yourself that “you will soon be dreaming” While doing WILD I like to repeat “is this a dream, is this a dream” question your reality while falling asleep.

the reason for using the WBTB technique is because in order to go into the REM cycle you must have atleast 3-4 hours of sleep, and WILD works better combined with WBTB because like I said before the HI is way stronger while going back to sleep during the REM cycle



If you don’t know self-hypnosis (meaning another way to make yourself relax), i recommend you google “free self-hypnosis scripts and techniques” together with WBTB and WILD it is very effective.

WILD and WBTB work very well together because of how its been said already. But I suggest if you want to try it, do it every time you are going to sleep. More practice will always help in the long run. :smile:

Edit: Ooohh I see, from my experience I’ve always gone into a dream right after WILD. It took place once at the beginnning of sleep, but ended quickly.

No, when he asked if you go into LD right after using WILD, I think he meant whether or not you go directly into the dream, or if you go through the stages first (n-rem sleep, etc.)

You go right into the dream when you WILD.

do you suggest that you say “is this a dream” or " 1 im dreaming 2 im dream…"

for “me” counting makes my mind wonder to much, but if you question your reality while falling asleep you’ll start to question it while dreaming.
This is also why we question our reality while awake with RCs. (reality checks)