Needing help, once again...

Well, here I am again. Lost and confused in the era of my ways.

I need some help, again. I don’t know what to do to get lucid? It’s a confusion. I will note down what I do currently, anyone just fill in the gaps of what I should do, just so I have a concrete understanding. That would be nice. :content:

I randomily remember when to do a RC, my RC consists of me saying to myself. “What was I just doing?” I then intensly think about what I was just doing, what I was thinking, where I was going to go and once I know i’m not dreaming and that i’ve been awake for X amount of time I continue living my daily life.

At night time I…don’t do anything to aid lucid dreaming…I meditate but never for anything lucid related. I need help on this whole bed time thing…Mantra’s etc.

In the morning, I normally always forget to do what I wanted to do, it might randomily come to me, but i just forget. I tend to set my alarm for about 5-6 hours after i’ve gone to sleep. I then turn my alarm off after waking and normally have no drive to do what I wanted so I fall back asleep.

My sleeping pattern is ok right now, I am normally going to sleep around 1-2am very solidly and setting my alarm for around 7am.

:help: ? :tongue:

EDIT: I would start adding what I know I should do, but I would like some input.

You need to check for the dream state in a more regular way than “randomly”. The problem with randomly, is that when you are focused on something you tend to forget until you’re done that task, but the same thing happens in your dream. I like to try and check after every certain period of time.

Additionally, you do not sleep enough, not nearly enough. When I miss sleep I start not even remembering any dreams at all, let alone lucid dreams.

As far as the alarm clock, my suggestion is as such. First, make sure it’s pretty far from the bed; the other side of the room, perhaps? Next, maybe put a sticky note on the alarm clock with your intentions, so you get a refresher on what it is you need to do. I think that will help with WBTB.

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Vokteraven! *Faith pokes Vokteraven :grin:

Sounds like you have great reality checks! (unlike…me…) but as wishbone said, you should do them more regularily.

And about the mantras… well, I can’t give you much advice there because mantras has a negative effect on me…
The only time I can use it is after I wake up. After I remember my dreams, I think about the obvious dreamsigns that I missed, or just something really… wierd… that I didn’t notice was different in the dream. After I pick out a few, I repeat, “if I ever see [insert obvious dreamsign here] again, I am dreaming.” over and over until it’s stuck.
That has helped me a ton with realizing what is real and what isn’t (and has even made my NDs more vivid and real! :grin: )

Thanks for all the responses. :content:

I have more questions in my reality checks now. “Why am I NOT dreaming.” “Where am I?”

My main problem is what to do in the morning, currently I wake up and sit there and normally just forget what to do… :eh:

What I am thinking I should do right now is…WBTB/WILD. I would wake up then remember the dream I had, if I had 1. I would then go to the toilet and go back to bed. Then I remind myself of what I want and that is a lucid dream. I would then lay back down on my bed and continue repeating a mantra as i’m falling asleep again. “I will know i’m dreaming.” That’s about as far as i’ve got.

Well, first of all, it would be best for you to modify your reality checks.

Especially don’t use the ‘‘why am I not dreaming’’ RC, ever.
It will automatically guide your brain into thinking that you are not dreaming.
More productive would be ‘‘Why am I dreaming?’’.
But still, try to use a firmer one, like doing a visual RC and thinking ‘‘I am dreaming’’, thus helping the brain to take dreaming as an option, even if you are awake.

Well, concerning the mantras and other things that aid lucidity…you know these help, but still you don’t do them, so…doing them will help :tongue:

Notes would help, as someone previously mentioned.
Also, I don’t think that sleep pattern is OK?
Any particular reason why you go to sleep that late when you have to wake up early?

From my experience mantras do help, although Faith42 said that mantras don’t work for her, so you should try use them and see for yourself!

About alarm I would suggest to not use it, but to wake up without it you will need to use or mantras or it would help if you can naturally woke yourself up… Because in my case alarm cost me DR.

I agree with Wishbone about your sleep time, for most of the days I sleep for 10 ~ 12 hours :happy:, it’s pretty much, but helps to have longer and more vivid dreams, and I have a better chance to get lucid, but if I cut this time to 7 or 8 hours sometimes I don’t recall any dream at all! So if possible try to sleep more!

Thanks for the great response and those more enhanced lucid living RC’s. It made sense. :tongue:

I could go to bed earlier, and to be honest, I think I will. Just my WBTB routine needs to be adjusted in a few places maybe…I need it to feel right and not just there and to do it.