Never agrree to take a pollygraph

So heres the story, my insain brother in law ask me to come over to his house to help him clean out his garage so I did. So its 3 30 in the morning when I here a pounding on my door my Brother in law is yalling that I stole his pain pills, and he calls the police. By the way my brother in law is one of those people who live for drama, he has had the cops over at his house alot in the past year, because his own daughter cant stand him, and even went as far to accuse him of rapeing her just to get away from the A hole. So back to the story. When the cops got there I told them I didnt take his pills, and I would take a Pollygraph test to prove it. Had I knew then what I know now I wouldnt have. I told the cop that I believe he had set me up, because he needed a police report to prove they had been stolen so he could get more. Now the cop that was called over to my house said he believed me, and then he told me If I were you I wouldnt let that man on my propery anymore.
So I went to take the pollygraph, and failed it, now my theory on how this form of Witchcraft works (because a Oujie board, and pendulum basicaly works the same way) is that it is set up for you to fail the test, because cops arnt in the buisness to keep people out of jail. He told me it would be best to just say I stole the pills, and learned my lesson. He was trying to get me to confess, but I told him. Im not confessing to something I did, and I did not do it. I havnt heard anything, and its been over a week, so I dont think It will go to court, but never, ever agree to take a pollygraph. When they first start you sit in a chair, and he ask you to write a number between one, and ten, and fold up the papper, and put it under my leg, and I was really impressed when the pollygraph knew the number I had chosen, but then I thought about it, and I know how he knew. There is a camra that is on you when your taking the test, and he told me to write the number as big as my hand, and circle it. So my theory is, is that he saw on the camra what I wrote. They do this to prove that the machine is acurent, but its not. It wouldnt surprise me at all if it wasnt a real pollygraph. He just wanted me to confess to the crime, that I didnt do. I just wish I knew what to say then, because I would have told the cop that it is a riged Oujie board. I dont think theyll do anything else with the case, but if they do. Im going to defend myself, and blow the mind of the judge. Ive never been convicted of any crime in the past so I seriously doubt it will go to court. I imagine the cops are laughing at me for even agreening to take the test. The only reason I wanted to take the damn think was so that I could rub it in my Ahole brother in laws face.
This man is a really missrble person, and every sence Ive known him Ive seen alot of people chew his ass out. I called him up the next day, and cused him out, and asked him how many more people are you going to push out of your life. He is now down to two people. His wife, and daughter he has pused everyone else out of his life, and now me, and my wife are on the list. How the hell can people live that way Ill never know.
So never ever ageree to take a pollygraph

Wow that’s crazy that that happen to you. However, I don’t think polygraph tests are rigged, they are just not 100% accurate all of the time. You were probably just extra nervous when they asked you the question so it gave a false reading. Anyways, you should try to convince your sister that this guy is a dirtbag, because eventually, she’ll be hurt by him too.

Well, we can’t discuss anything in this topic…

About that pollygraph thing…
Yeah, it could be the camera, but it is easy to see which number you wrote…
People can do it easily…they just follow your hand (that’s why you had to write such a big number), and he can just see the number.It’s not hard at all.

He seems like a bad and miserable person…Ahhh, people will never learn how to behave…

A polygraph works by measuring your levels of stress as you are answering the questions. If you have a high level of stress during the questioning, the polygraph will likely be inaccurate. That guy does seem to be a dirtbag…

I agree with the dirtbag part. Polygraphs set a base level before they begin asking questions, but they must have set you up to fail.

No wonder he was stressed!!! His brother in law set him up!!!

/me hugs Kava


Gutted that happened to you!! And I really hope it sorts itself out soon. I do get stressed a lot over really small things, so I’ll remember to stay away from these machines!!!

Sounds rigged to me.

Polygraph results are not admissible in court for good reason, the scientific community does not agree that they do what police hope they do. Penn and Teller’s Bullshit did an episode on polygraphs not long ago - though they do not provide a serious evidence based rebuttal, it is amusing to watch and does hint at various flaws of the system.

Essentially, it does not measure if you are lying or not: it provides information that an evaluator can use to infer that the subject is lying. The basis for such inferences are open to interpretation, and not a science.

Polygraphs aren’t witchcraft and work quite differently to Ouija boards and pendulums.

They usually measure galvanic skin response, blood pressure, temperature and heartrate. They measure your physiological responses to the questions that you’re asked, so if you’re particularly angry, stressed, anxious, etc., you could very well have given the same responses as you would be perceived to give if you were guilty.

They set a base reading by asking dummy questions such as “What is your name”, but if the questions about the alleged crime still evoke an emotional response, the base reading doesn’t end up being helpful, because it essentially says “unresponsive”, not “innocent”.