New Avatars Available!

There are new avatars to choose from :smile: Courtesy of Reality.Failure who can make really cool avatars :smile:

to check them out, go to profile and click on ‘show gallery’. then select “avatars by Reality_failure” in the drop down menu, and there they are :smile:

I’d like to thank Reality Failure for making an avatar I can finally use :grin:

I’d like to thank Reality Failure for being much, much more talented than me. :happy:

Aww shucks!
Thanks for the appreciation.

I enjoy playing with pixels!

Those r GreAt avatars ReaLiTY.FaiLuRe! U really Do have a great talent :smile: This and anyother forum is vary glad to have u :wink:

Beautiful avatars ReaLiTY.FaiLuRe!
Thanks a lot for being so generous and kind to many people! :smile: :thumbs:

Wow, what a neat looking avatar!
Thanks, ReaLiTY.FaiLuRe, keep 'em coming :tongue:

Wow probs to you Reality Failure! I love them :grin:!!

LoL…no problem.

I like making avvies.
Plus, they brighten this place up a lot.
Not that it really needs to be any brighter. :cool: