new chat section

We now have a forum section dedicated to the chatters amongst us :smile:

You will find it below the forums in the chill out section.

One chatforum for announcements and chatroom guidelines and one for memorable chatlogs.

note: if you want to post a memorable chatlog - you need to have permission of every chatter on that log before posting it.

enjoy :content:

wow! what a nice surprise. this is a great idea :happy:

Cool :cool:.

how does this work? there are no actual chatrooms to talk in? just post its? :confused: :help:

There is a chat room :smile: … it’s just not easily found from the fourm anymore … yet :wink:

You can find it from the main page of or by click here LD4all lucid dreams chat room

EDIT: hmmm, the link doesn’t seem to work directly for me, so once on the main page click to “Join>Chat”

or Use these settings in your IRC client:
port: 6667, 6668 or 6669
channel: #ld4all or #dreamtime

Great. Now it should be easy :biggrin:

I have an idea. Why don’t a mod post an annoucement about how to join chat with the server information and room information.

Oh I just remembered that Q has posted this information in the rules discussion. Never mind then.

However posting a link to java chat would be nice as well and links to mIRC, etc. like a resource discussion. Know what I’m saying?

feel free to post :smile:
i have posted a link to the java chat on the main page in the rules announcement, and in there is also info on mirc etc. But it is nice to have more instructions on the forum as well, i agree :smile:
It seems a lot of ppl don’t know the main site, only the forum :peek: folks: click on the logo, it isn’t there just for decoration :grin: