New DILD tecnique

I don’t like creating a new topic just to say this, but since there is no BIG DILD topic I had no choice

I have found a new way to get dilds. It’s realy simple and takes no effort, and for me it worked after just 4 days.

When you wake up from a dream start searching for a meaning of the dream. I have always ment every dream has a meaning. Or else I don’t know why we dream. So trying to figure out what the meaning of the dream is can help you in many ways.
I found that after a short while I started to ask myself in my dream what the dream (the one I’m still it) is trying to tell me. It didn’t take long before I understoud that I hadn’t woke up and I got lucid

Hope this works for more than just me.

Great Idea Djem. Will definetley add it to my daily lding schedule.

Every time I see a new technique post it’s so great. Some of the traditional techs get boring as hell after some time. :wink:

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