New forum for newbies

Yes, your dreams come true on this forum!

Thanks to DreamAddict :grin: - he dreamt of it - and now it is reality :cool_laugh:

(see … .php?t=625 )


A BRILLIANT initiative! :cool_laugh:

DA you should have more dreams like that :wink:

Another proof of the hidden capacity we have in dreams :smile: or maybe just a concidence? :eh:

I read an interesting article recently… on teaching computers to generate ad campaigns given a message they were trying to convey. Simply, the results of the study were that computers always generated better campaigns than the “creative” humans, but the humans, when taught the algorithim that the computers used, were unbeatable.

While I am not going to go out and say “dreams are our subconcious speaking to us” (which has been said for a while), I will say that we are more in tune with the algorithims we use to be creative while we are dreaming: I think then, with this capability, as dreamers we are unbeatable.

On a completely different topic, the newbie forum should be nice for all the “novices” here also, because I know one of the reasons it is nice to have this forum is it is an easy way to get yourself constantly thinking about lucid dreams. A place where novices can go to answer the questions of newbies should be great for the novices, by allowing them to post a lot more on things that they know a lot about.

Yeah, we like to feel smart :content: heh heh heh

uhhh, did I forget to mention that dream also involved pasQuale wiring me 1 million $'s in US cash. :eh:

Seriously though …
Yahoo! Thanks pasQuale. You are our “DreamMaker!”

I’m surprised this has not been thought of before. I also never gave a “newbie section” a thought until after the dream. Cool stuff! :cool:

How about moving the “New here? Shake hands” thread to the newbie forum?


You’re absolutely right. Topic has been moved to where it belongs :smile: .

Heh, :woah: actually I asked pasQuale the same thing. :alien: She said she prefered it in the lounge where the “atmosphere” is a bit more laid back. but perhaps “Lucidity Intro” in a good place for an introduction. :smile:

i saw brainhacker had already moved it, so i didn’t want to move it back again. ah well, it’s cool like this too :smile:

Ooops :grin:
I found it so extremely logical to put the introductions-thread in the newbie-forum that I just instinctly did it… There were already a lot of “hello there”/“I’m new here”-threads, maybe the “hello’s” could all be done in one specific place.
Another proof of “what is evident for one, not so for another” I guess, should have remembered that.