new index layout part II

Where you talking about redoing the whole site using a php portal? Please dont!! :tongue: I like how ld4all has an unique style compared to all the other sites around… dont want it to become just another php portal, if you know what i mean… way too many of them allready :smile: I think that php portal such as xoops is very nice for forums and such though :smile:

Yes I agree with Jack…PasQuale your passion for your site and what you have done is really beautiful. :smile:

And remember your a female so its easy to bribe Jack!
Just promise him a handkiss :rofl: :rofl:


pasQuale, I did see the “new posts since last visit” on left hand side. But when I go to the top of page again it means I have to move cursor over to opposite side everytime, if I want to read them all. An alternative would be to add it also to the drop down list at the bottom of every page.

“But when I go to the top of page again it means I have to move cursor over to opposite side everytime”

What a challenge!:)

It is when there are 104 new posts! lol

lol yes taht can be a pain but hey. omg i had a look at the old school ld4all site lol it was great and wow it had an option for english and dutch wow. but hey. i dont mind this new look but then i again i would never drop bellow 1024x768 but what you say 640x480 :eek: does that still exist???


Say, could you make it so we don’t have to have that little pop-up of ‘view more emoticons’ because i don’t like that… perhaps you could put them on the right hand side or something! My computer displays the page fine because I’ve got high res… but I can imagine it would be painful for someone with low resolution to explore. I like having just one scrollbar I have to tinker with. I’m neutral to this new design, exept for that “are you dreaming” logo hehe. I didn’t do an RC, STUPID! But I did think “hey, we gots banner ads we can click on now!” but sadly we didn’t. (Wink wink nudge nudge cash cash)

:peek: let me teach you a neat trick…

If you are on the list with all the new posts - instead of clicking the post title you want to read with your left mouse button, click on it with the right mouse button. From the menu that appears select: “open link in new window”

a new window appears with the post in there. when you are done reading it close the window and behold! there you still have your list with all new posts.

umm… on this one you also have a choice to go dutch :grin: only it’s called ‘nederlands’ at the top. go ahead, click on it, don’t be afraid :wink:

smiley window… umm to much smilies to add in the screen, plus the download time and bandwidth everytime for all the smilies to load… Or do you mean the position of the window they appear in?


Have you changed the fonts as well, after changing the format. I did a reality check after I punched the wall when I though I was dreaming. (I hert my fist :neutral: Lol.)

I like the new layout, fits nicley on my screen. I didn’t like it ar first, but I now prefere it this way.

I think I’m getting used to it now…
but there’s no way to refresh it from the main list without reloading (before I would click on ld4all Forum Index and it would reload)…

I was just about to post here to write the same thing. We are missing a link to the index. I usually leave my browser open on the index while I’m gone, and then when I return I just like the “index” link.

ok folks…

prepare yourself for yet another new layout…

tomorrow i will install it (i’m now to tired after developing it)

this one is a bit like the original layout, no left menu anymore.

also the index link is back.

wait and see tomorrow…

Jeff places a Bob the sponge cake at Pasquale’s coffee table for all her great work! :smile:

Curious how the new look will be! :peek:


Oh, I was getting used to that vertical menu. Hehe. Ok I can’t wait! :cool_laugh: I know you’ll do a great job!

LOL now everyone will moan about the fact they are just becoming used to a layout everybody was moaning about and now the layout will be changed back to a layout everybody was used to before but not anymore :tongue:

I’m looking forward to the new layout, hopefully the best of both worlds :content:

lol ok thanx for the heads upat least now i wont trip out… i hope :razz:

Exactly what I meant! Ha ha ha. Oh well. I’ll survive. :grin:

here we are :content:

tested on 800 x 600 :cool:

Yes, I like the new new layout

much better! :ok: