new index layout part II

I think I’m getting used to it now…
but there’s no way to refresh it from the main list without reloading (before I would click on ld4all Forum Index and it would reload)…

I was just about to post here to write the same thing. We are missing a link to the index. I usually leave my browser open on the index while I’m gone, and then when I return I just like the “index” link.

ok folks…

prepare yourself for yet another new layout…

tomorrow i will install it (i’m now to tired after developing it)

this one is a bit like the original layout, no left menu anymore.

also the index link is back.

wait and see tomorrow…

Jeff places a Bob the sponge cake at Pasquale’s coffee table for all her great work! :smile:

Curious how the new look will be! :peek:


Oh, I was getting used to that vertical menu. Hehe. Ok I can’t wait! :cool_laugh: I know you’ll do a great job!

LOL now everyone will moan about the fact they are just becoming used to a layout everybody was moaning about and now the layout will be changed back to a layout everybody was used to before but not anymore :tongue:

I’m looking forward to the new layout, hopefully the best of both worlds :content:

lol ok thanx for the heads upat least now i wont trip out… i hope :razz:

Exactly what I meant! Ha ha ha. Oh well. I’ll survive. :grin:

here we are :content:

tested on 800 x 600 :cool:

Yes, I like the new new layout

much better! :ok:

Whoa! I love it… much better! I still need to get used to it again. Hehe. I love it that I can see online roaster without having to scroll down. :smile:

Great job pasQuale! I knew you can do it. :content:


i like it too :smile:

This new layout is ok now - I like it a lot - thank you!

Ooh, yes, good job on the new layout :content: Better than the other, in my opinion.

nice, very nice :content:

Get two thumbs up from me :good: :ok:

Realy like this better than the other-new lay out.

Did something change?!

J/k, I like it. Nice job Q. :happy:

:content: That’s great! :wiske: What other surprises are we going to get? :eh:

We have a winner! :wink:

Yes Pasquale this is good and the RC is good! And in Sight!
Must been that Bob the Sponge cake i delivered at your coffee table…
it levels up your hidden sponge powers lol :wink:

Thanks PasQuale, nice job! :beer: