new index layout

That was funny!

I thought it was strange, too… but since I had just done a RC, I knew it was real…

I don’t like it… sorry, I’m just being honest. I think it was much better before. :neutral:

The previous one was ok for me, too. I haven’t decided how much I like this one (or whether I dislike it)…

i will be honest too… I liked the good old one better, was perfect allready…
But oh well… maybe i get used to it :smile:

I hope you get used to it :smile:

this new lay-out has more opportunities, like the reality check button…

i also like the fact that the ‘who is online’ part is now higher on the forum so you don’t have to scroll down so far to see it.

i’m still tweaking with it, and open for suggestions :smile:

it looked much better on my puter… I used my laptop with only 800x600 resolution when i posted my previous post… seems like it just dosent work very well on low res displays :smile:

Was just now i had noticed the are you dreaming logo :wink:

Whoa! You surprised me! Ha ha ha. I really thought I was still dreaming! I just woke up so I thought I was having a FA. Lol!

I like the old way the best, but yeah I’ll get used to it because I love that banner about are you dreaming in wrong order. Hehe. It’s too cute. :happy:

I’ll let you know if I have any suggestions or ideas. :smile:

That should help - actually I didn’t notice it, so I’ll go try it out now.
Well, I guess some people will be dreaming different layouts now! Hope I do because I think I’d notice…

Wow, it was a little shocking to find. You had to time it right when I switched browsers. (I’m using Avant)

I have to agree that I like the old format better, but I can easily accept the change. I rarely spend time looking at the index and the rest of the forum is not affected. So it’s not really a big deal. :tongue:

I also use 800x600 resolution and at least it fits my window.

well, consider this a test run then, see if you can get used to it, otherwise it is easy to go back to the old format. Although i really like the idea of the menu in the left. Maybe it has to be smaller and more room for the forum itself.

Sadly my opinion confirms the above.I didnt like it too much too:(
Like you say Pasquale,prolly its just the question of getting used to it…tho i hate getting used to changes…unless its a gf change:)
We`ll live :smile:

Actually one more thing…
Before the forum thing was taking almost whole space on my screen which as for the user gave the feeling of “specialness”(if u know what i mean).Now it turned to be similar to many many pages out there and somehow its lost its originality.It reminds me of some gaming site now,they are designed similar way.Forum got tiner,its less “important” now.
It is not to vote to change whatsoever…My votes are allways with Pasquale:)

I thought something was wrong with my computer… :shy: Lately it’s been messing up on a lot, I thought it had tweaked this forum too! The new layout is okay… To be honest it looks a bit more cluttered than the old one though. I’ll probably get used to it though. :content:

The reality check should be kept in any case - I like that…

What was wrong with the old layout? :sad:

Hm…Seems a little cramped, but we’ll get used to it. :content:

Agree :grin:

there you go… stretched it a little.

i didn’t expect you liked the old layout so much :eh:

oh well, i’ll keep tweaking…

glad you like the RC :happy:

Personally, I prefer the old style, but I’m a taurus, born on an Ox year…LoL…call me stubborn.

I know you have plans Q, you have a vision for this forum in your head. I trust it will all come together in the end. Uh oh…I feel a ‘Matrix’ quote coming on…

Omg, I just watched The Matrix yesterday!

I don’t like that concept. o_0 Anyways, a bit better, but I still miss the old layout… no offenses. Perhaps I just need to get used to it. :shrug: