new layout.. the countdown has begun

cool to see everybody’s exitement, i’m exited too :smile: I cannot wait to put it online, but not yet, not yet… still some work to do :user: finishing touches :smile: :content:

Oh cool! I can’t wait :cool_laugh:
My impatience is so great, i’m certain it would make the forum show up in my dreams in the coming few days… I’d better prepare myself

Is that between now and Monday? Or between now and Wednesday, a week after you posted? :tongue:

Oh, I know you! It’s going to coincide with the article in the Sunday Express! Don’t lie now, we all know you dunnit! :content:

Arghh the excitement is killing me! :sad:

be patient, almost here :content:

edit: well I’m very anxious to read everybody’s dreams in the precog experiment so it is both ways :wink:

Awesome, I cant wait to see what you have come up with. :bounce:

Hooray! umm i just started my dream journal so are you going to delete that kind of stuff. :neutral:

Nothing will be deleted or otherwise lost. :smile:

Is it gonna be the whole underwater thing with clashing red spots?
Well anythings good for me! I change would be exciting. News is Good News! Well unless its bad and crappy news… Good News is Good News!

:wave: welcome to the new LD4all :happy:


Looking cool; waiting for it all to work.

Looks nice :content: but I keep getting a popup that tells me to enter username and password for “restricted area” :eh:

Me too.

Btw, I can’t go to the forum by clicking on the mirror @ Join/ Forum.


checking it out :smile:

Btw, the new layout is Great :grin:

fixed username password images

(thanks gerret :smile: you have to wait a while for the NL site to be transformed too)

How long will it take?

Btw, I still can’t click on the mirror @ Join/ Forum (

gerret: that’s strange? works here… try ctrl F5 to reload?

Nope doesn’t work. Johan also said it doesn’t work, I think he sent you a PM on IRC.