new layout.. the countdown has begun

I got firefox and it works fine!

latest java and latest firefox!

Correction: scrollbar not clear enough.


did you try using your keyboard’s “up” and “down” arrows.
You can also use the “A” and “Z” keys :smile:

guess i’m a little latew for the countdown eh.

They work fine, but so what? I want my damn scrollwheel.

Wow, Great job, pasQuale! I was really worried about what it will be like, but now I can say holding my hand on my heart - I love the new look :content:

New layout = Ownage multiplied by 8

Looks more beautiful than before :smile:

It took long for opening page to load for me and to reach into forums, but i quess that the changed layout wasn’t yet cached in my pc. When i tried to do the same with second browser tab right now, it opened pretty smoothly.

If anyone wants to reach the forum directly, you can type:
I have this link in my favorites :smile: works also :wink: is what I type. :content:

I love it! It’s a little bit strange, but I think I’ll get used to it :content:

Ahhhhh, thats like sleeping through the firework on new years eve :eek:

Well, what do you expect from someone with a nick like mine…


I dunno if it’s just me but that really sounds like Q was getting anoyed with all the “doesn’t work in firefox” topics lol.

Hehe, yeah, I firefox too. It seems to work. :smile:

Well, when I got to forum after several month of being absent my first thought was: “WTH? Where old good all?” but after minute or two I understood that new layout have more pros then cons. GJ pasQuale. May the dream gods bless you :smile:.

thanks Dee :smile: glad you like it :content:

Hey Q.

have you ever thought of putting together “past” Ld payouts page, with screenshots of the old layouts?

DM check ld4all -> history

wow i wasnt here when it was different… or atleast i didnt notice the change