new post history stays now.. until you have read the post

Due to special request i have added this mod.

Now when you log out, you will still keep the new post history. New posts stay New until you have read them :happy:

it is now also possible to view new posts as a guest, if you don’t want to login but still want to know what’s new.

I have tested it and it should work… i noticed that the number behind new posts is gone now, i want to add that back.

If you encounter any probs with this let me know.


Either it’s not working properly or it doesn’t work right with Mozilla firebird. But I came to this post read it and went back to the main forum page and it still showed up as “new post”

So i shut down the browser and came back and then ALL the topics were marked as read even though i hadn’t read them.

They stay open and unread no matter how many times I read them

My computer was set to the wrong date. :clown: Please ignore this

:bored: :bored: :panic:

i have to go get some sleep now, tomorrow i’ll look into it.

weird :confused:

also after making the first post i got one part telling me there was a new post and the main part of the forum saying there wasn’t.

there’s a screen shot so you know what i mean.

this is real weird because when i read a post it disappears from new post list… Strange!

siww, do you use IE or another browser?

i use IE here.

and i assume everybody has their cookies settings correct.

aaaaaaaaaaahhh yes i know what you mean. Yes, i doesn’t update it in the top part of the forum. - that’s because it is a seperate function which is embedded… i can look into it and see if i can tweak it so it doesn’t leave it as new.

but when you click on ‘view new posts’, does it keep appearing in there too?

Plain old IE here, but i had a wrong date on my computer, so it loaded an old page every time. it went away when i deleted all the saved internet files. :cool:

great thing Q…it works when I’m online, but it goes back to no new posts when I restart…but that’s nothin to do with you. I have to do stuff on my comp that makes everything go away. So it’s all good.

Oh cool it works for me! :smile: sorta :tongue:

It says the new posts since i last visited with that little number after it, right above the ‘view your posts’ and then some other one. That is still the same.

But whats cool is that now when i go into a big thread thing like 'Quest for Lucidity" or “Beyond Dreaming” the new ones will still have that golden paper thing or whatever :tongue: that shows i have yet to read it, when before if i logged off and then on they would all look like ‘read already’ and i would be lookin like :cry: !

So at least it works for me, thanks Pasquale! :smile: bows

:happy: It sure makes reading the forums a lot less hassle.

I used to try to get all of the reading done in as short a time as possible before I lost the new posts tag. I’d skip a lot of the information and never have time to read everything before I had to log out or my session expired due to my wandering mind.
Now I can come and go as I please, then take my time to read and post whichever threads I have time for without having to search through the forums later.

Luvs the new posts function.

Insert similar post here.

problem for me is that if a topic has been replied to twice i have to view “both” new topics via their post number link other wise after reading the post it still shows up as a “new post”

Rather anoying actually so now it looks like i’m going to have to find that “mark all read” button if there is one :cry:

//edit: Ok there isn’t one. Could we add one please? I’m getting anoyed clicking on new posts to discover i’ve read them already.

On each forum, to the right of “new topic”. :content:

i meant a global one, by the time i’ve gone through the whole forum clicking each one i’ll of forgot what i was trying to do in the first place.

I ingore the new post thing normally anyways but the fact it sometimes doesn’t update anoys me weird eh. I usually just go through the forums looking at posts i might be interested in i pay little attention normally. :eh:

Gets ready to start using the subscribe feature so he know when a new reply has “really” been posted

:look: it’s on the left hand bottom of the forum index :peek:

It works great for me and makes the forum much easier to use. :smile:

hiding it down there no wonder i can’t find it :razz:

Hum… don’t think it’s working for me, but that may be because I just opened a new window and logged in without logging out origionally. Good idea though! I’d love that :grin:


Also, do not forget to have your preference set to accept cookies. You can erase them later.