new post history stays now.. until you have read the post

Did the change to store the information in the database fix the index page problem?

wow! what great unexpected results! :happy:

no, i had to add something to fix that as well :smile:

the “>” icon still stays as “unred” for me even though i’ve read this topic twice now.

So far I have not had any problems with this. In fact, it works great. Much better than before. I do not know what is causing the problem for you.

The red indicates where the index doesn’t show properly, and the green indicates what pasQuale has fixed. Before, none of the “read indicators/eyes” on the index page worked. Now they all work except the top “ld4all news” and “recent discussions.” … which I think is no big deal, and I love the new feature!!

LOL did you see what you just posted? :tongue:

wow, I should have shut the door. :tongue:

It’s a pity that the new posts were lost but I guess it’s better now that they’re stored in the database, because now I can read from all three computers.

rofl siiw :happy: too bad technodreamer wasn’t around to see it :cool: I think you deserve the bathroom detective title now :content:

But that’s been working fine for a week or so now :eh: :confused:

I have to read some posts several times before they are marked read. It gets quite annoying when I have 100+ posts to read. Even the “mark all topic read” doesn’t always work for me.
Any ideas how I can fix this, if it’s even possible to fix.

I use Mozilla Firefox.

What happened ??? It’s not working anymore. I have not really been on the forums that much the last couple of days. When I signed on today all the posts were marked as red. I hope this is just a temporary glitch. It was much easier to see new posts or posts that I have not read before.

I take it back. It is working again. :smile:

pfew :grin:

Did you upgrade phpBB or something? The mod doesn’t work any more.

it works for me… and i didn’t upgrade… what do you mean by doesnt’ work anymore?

It used to work, but now it’s forgotten everything.

did you change or flush your cookies?

works fine for me, and I have >290 unread post! :smile:

I think once it gets >300-something it resets itself again.

I don’t think so pasQuale. Besides, didn’t you move it to the database?

I suppose I need to go on daily and mark forums as read for it to keep working then DA.