new quick preview at top of forum - NEW! RSS feed!

I don’t really like this new quick preview :shy:

I like it.

I like it too! :thumbs:

You could also put it in an iframe, that way you can auto-refresh it :wink:
(plus I could AdBlock it in Mozilla Firefox :razz:)

I don’t like it. It takes up too much space.

I liked how it was previous to this. It had 5 previews of both News and General sections instead of 3 originally, but in smaller fonts and not too obtrustive. I liked that format. :content:
I really want to see the “next 5” feature working! That’s going to be great. :smile:

yes, this new format came with the update of the mod (exclude certain forums as per request) - and i decided to give it a try, see how it looks etc

i can always put it back to the original format :smile:

the next feature - i’m wating for a reply of my help question to the maker of the mod.

else pass me the code and I’ll have a look…

I personally love it, it’d be fine if it was the same font size as it was before or whatever, but I like how its across the whole page and displays so much, ntm the next 5 :happy: :grin:

personally i prefer the older one. This one kinda just jumps out at you - i prefered it a little more subtle.

Yup. I think I agree with you Darkmatter…

I preferred the smaller one. It was just that little bit smaller, and neater, plus I felt like I could see the first few forums, and for some reason I liked that… I’m not sure if I need all that extra info, about each post - the title does the job for me.

On the other hand every other new feature that I’ve seen is just GREAT! And even this one, i can live with quite happily :smile:



I agree.

I like this new feature - makes it so much easier to see when someone has posted.

Actually that’s a point Sureal. it occurred to me just a moment ago, that maybe I do prefer it.

how confusing! :smile:


hehee…my first visit since the new layout has been implemented and i must say…awesome work!

it looks so much crisper and clearer than the last version…i particularly like the colour choices, i didn’t expect it to look so sweet Q!

mmm…i do prefer the previous ‘newest topics’ layout to this chunkier style, but if you find a way to hide it like DA mentioned, that would be cool.

i love the little starry sky blocks (whatever they are called) between each forum section in the main page. the icing on the cake.

ooops…just one idea.

i’ve seen a few forums (or blog type pages…hmm…hope it was forums) use a scrolling news ticker type feature for new posts. the subjects are clickable and pause when you mouse over them. i think i’ve spotted both a horizontal and a vertical scroll…i’ll have to find an example if i can to show you what i mean but maybe it will fit in with the forum style a lot more…nice and compact.
hopefully it works with all browsers.

I hate animated pages. They (well, the animations) distract me.

Not sure I like it. Might get used to it. But it does only show 5 topics at a time. While usually, for me, its often 60-70 new topics when I get on the forum. “View new posts(70)” works for me.

I also prefered the page without it.Kind of too big.

Um, well I don’t know which forum I’m supposed to use to make suggestions for the site but it kind of relates to this. Would it be possible to create an RSS feed for the latest topics on the forum? That way people could see what’s being talked about on the forum much easier, and they could check the newest topics while surfing other sites. Just an idea…

By the way, I love the new quick preview and this isn’t proposed as a way to replace it. It would only add a feature to the forum.