new quick preview at top of forum - NEW! RSS feed!

New preview - and it excludes playground and test area from topic previews.

bug report in the assigned topic :wink:

tomas it is your day today :wink: I also put the counter at the bottom of the forum :content:


hmm first bug… the next1 or next 5 doesn’t seem to work :eh:

could you add a possibility to hide it (layers with visibility toggles…)? I liked it better the way it was…

hmm i could if i knew how :wink: – i can always go back to the old layout but i kinda like this one as well :smile:

has to fonts gotten bigger, or am i dreaming?

I seen a dhtml script for phpbb to “hide” and “unhide” sections. … hmm, I’ll go find it. :smile:
I like it, but the fonts are a little large.

and else I might be able to assist in making a valid hide/show script…

can we exclude Lounge and Helpdesk also? :smile:

why the lounge? because it is OT? then we should exclude the gathering as well? Helpdesk i don’t want to hide since now it is easy to spot when someone has a problem - so help will arrive sooner :content:

re:fontsize: I will tweak later it to see what will take up the least amount of space while still be readable

I don’t really like this new quick preview :shy:

I like it.

I like it too! :thumbs:

You could also put it in an iframe, that way you can auto-refresh it :wink:
(plus I could AdBlock it in Mozilla Firefox :razz:)

I don’t like it. It takes up too much space.

I liked how it was previous to this. It had 5 previews of both News and General sections instead of 3 originally, but in smaller fonts and not too obtrustive. I liked that format. :content:
I really want to see the “next 5” feature working! That’s going to be great. :smile:

yes, this new format came with the update of the mod (exclude certain forums as per request) - and i decided to give it a try, see how it looks etc

i can always put it back to the original format :smile:

the next feature - i’m wating for a reply of my help question to the maker of the mod.

else pass me the code and I’ll have a look…

I personally love it, it’d be fine if it was the same font size as it was before or whatever, but I like how its across the whole page and displays so much, ntm the next 5 :happy: :grin:

personally i prefer the older one. This one kinda just jumps out at you - i prefered it a little more subtle.

Yup. I think I agree with you Darkmatter…

I preferred the smaller one. It was just that little bit smaller, and neater, plus I felt like I could see the first few forums, and for some reason I liked that… I’m not sure if I need all that extra info, about each post - the title does the job for me.

On the other hand every other new feature that I’ve seen is just GREAT! And even this one, i can live with quite happily :smile:



I agree.