new! Select your kin and have it in your sig automatically!

hey q. i love the way you implemented it! :smile: :smile:

it looks really neat there with the spacing, and also means that you don’t have to add the name “kin 244: yellow planetary seed” but you can if you so wish. excellent!


Excelent :content:

Hey Sean, I edited my previous post and fixed the little error… :happy:

oooh…this place looks yummier everytime i visit!

i like what you done with the little forum icons Q!
:insert over the moon smilie here:

But how do you turn it off?? I really have no interest of this kin stuff…

well, you dont have to do anything then, the little icon will show. In the future i’ll add an empty picture so you can select that if you don’t want the icon at all. (it will still show the line though)

it’s gone now… you need to CTRL-R to load the empty image instead of the icon.

Thanks. :smile: I dont mind such features as long as they are voluntarely

well, it was always volontary, it was just a common symbol that was in your sig. like yin/yang sign, that symbolizes the calendar. But empty looks better :content:

i might add another image, maybe little ld4all bird logo or something, it looks so empty now.

Its not working…why

sitboy, go to your profile and select the kin from the pulldown menu :smile:

I’m not sure (no time to test now), but if you change something else, password for example, at the same time – the glyph is not set. :uh:

ah, that is good you notice that… well, then you have to reset your glyph after you change your password. I believe if you change something else it stays but i’ll test :smile:

edit: i changes my sig and the kin stayed, so it may be when you change your pw only.

What is a kin?

REMdreamer - a kin is a kind of energy for a day, generally speaking. there are 260 possible kin. They are made from a combination of one of 13 tones and one of 20 glyphs or tribes. The whole 260-day cycle is called the Tzolkin Sacred Count or Harmonic Module. Each day represents a special energy or kin.

You can find out more from the dreamspell forum on this forum, or you can visit SeaLife ( or you can have a look at my Dreamspell section on my website (

Good luck in learning the beautiful Harmonic Module! :smile:

edit: some other links that may be useful

Mmm this is really cool :happy: Now I won’t forget what mine is :razz:

I’m still confused why the Mayans used more than one calendar, but you did a great job on your Dreamspell section, AstareGod. :smile:

Sean - thanks for the positive comments
If I’m not mistaken, the Mayans used calendars to track celestial objects. I guess they were tracking a lot more than one calendar could handle :happy: I’m sure there is a better explanation than this but oh well it’s late :smile:

hey Q…

can you add the kin to the ‘search by’ function in the memberlist?
it would be cool to have the kin # listed from 1 - 260 when searching for kin folk.


or if the sig kin images where clickable to go to a page listing all the kin folk and maybe the attributes and affirmation of the day?..what d’ya think?

i agree it would be a neat idea, however i have no idea how to do that. Somebody has to write a mod for that.