new smilies

Lol! Maybe i should offer this one for Krueger instead of his scary avatar?.. :hmmm:

Mirror smilie=hilarious!!




I love um, I LOVE THEM ALL!! im going to start using smileys a lot more in the near future, what better way to express yourself than a lovely little chappy :rofl:


Avesome !

What about one beeing embarassed ?

we have some…
:shy: :clown:

OH !

:shy: :clown:

YOU ADDED IT- YAY!!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

A few more anxiety smilies ex.

/me wonders what would happen if someone were to write ‘:hubs:’…


that only works for you wolb :tongue:

That’s 'cause I’m good like that. :cool:

:anx: has been added :anx:

:moogle: too ^^

Thanks. :smile:

wow there’s a moogle :moogle: :happy:

I’ve JUST seen all the newly-added smilies. I like that site too, Kat. :moogle:

When did the amsterdam smiley turn into a tulip? :tulip:

when the shortcuts guidelines about no drugs have changed. It gives a wrong impression :tongue:

sings tulips from amsterdam

but what about :fly:?