New WILD problems

So much new WILD topics, eh?
But anyway, I have a new problem that I only encountered once a year ago but now im getting it every time I try to WILD. I used to be able to WILD easily, but now this problem prevents it! I want my LDs back! :help:
So here’s my problem-Im lying in bed at 4:00a.m, my usual WILD time, then as normal I start seeing HI, then start hearing instead of my normal voices in my head talking and sounds of the sea a strange white noise. One of my hypnagogic images turns into a blue rectangle, then Im drawn through the rectangle which turns into a tunnel, and everything is shaking so **** hard and its prying my eyes open, so I open my eyes, do an RC to make sure its not a dream, then go to sleep normally. What should I do? What is the crazy shaking? Is it me going into SP? And if I survive the shaking will I be in the calm SP zone where I can create a dream and get into it?

Maybe theres some relaxation technique or something that will sort the eyes out i’m really not sure sorry, I quite often find something similar to that happening where my eyes have been randomly watering (i got that eye thing where theres too much tears)

But if you do manage to get through that crazy shaking from what I have read I reckon you should be able to step into a dream :smile:

relax more? I don’t know. :sad: Maybe wait around a bit more without openning your eyes and RC’ing, and see where that gets you.