For any smokers out there - a medium strength nicotine patch can give amazing results if you apply it as soon as you wake when using WBTB. It’s espescially good for WILD, and seems to make it much easier to fully experience SP. I wouldn’t recommend it for non-smokers though, and don’t smoke while using the patch as you can OD on nicotine.

I’ve actually had some pretty cool experiences with nicotine, and I dont smoke regular, just an odd cigar once a month or so. But when I do smoke it (especially during the evening), dreams get often very vivid. Also recall seems to be increased. Nicotine works in your brain, somehow increases the neurotransmitter acethylcholine which fires the REM-dreaming process.

I am a smoker that has been trying to quit.
I noticed that when I have the patch on me when I go to be the dreams are more vivid and I can recall every bit of the dream.Same thing happens if I do a WBTB if I smoke durring the time I wait to wake up a bit.I don’t recommend at all but if you are a smoker,try to sleep with a patch on.

On a good day my dream recall can increase about 3 times when using a nicotine patch. So if I ordinarily write half a page in my DJ I would write 1.5 pages when using a nicotine patch :eek: And remember that one shouldn’t use it too often, probably no more than every other day. And it’s not healty either to use it :bored:

I know people who have gotten addicted to the nicotine patches and gum :eh: So yeah be careful. Do you get the same affect if you’re already a smoker? Or do you have to basically increase your dose? It would already be happening, if not right? cause I already have the nicotine in my system.

Yes I think so, your system gets used to a certain amount of nicotine supply if you are a regular smoker. So if you want to experience more effects I think you have to increase the dose.

I agree that you should not use nicotine every night - every few nights would be a much better option. It does increase blood pressure which is why it is a good idea to use it with WBTB as you will get a much lower dose than if you apply a patch when first going to sleep at night.
The effects of nicotine are not all unhealthy, and there is a lot of research going on at the moment into its possibly beneficial effects on cognitive function and certain degenerative brain disorders such as altzheimers and parkinsons disease.
It does have a very profound effect on dreams and seems to produce a state of stimulated awareness, as well as greatly increased dream recall - all perfect for lucid dreaming. As I mentioned earlier it also helps greatly with WILD as it helps you to retain your consciousness as you enter a dream.
Regarding anamcaras comment about smokers, I dont think it matters if you are already a smoker as most smokers have no nicotine intake during the night. If you smoke during the evening there may be a small carryover effect of nicotine into your first dreams of the night, but as we know it’s the morning dreams which which are more productive in lucid dreaming terms, which is why I believe you should only apply the patch after waking early in the morning.

This one seems interesting to me, since it seems to be quite reliable (by the way, who tried it without success?). I am non smoker, and actually I don’t really like nicotine, so I didn’t try so far. However, I got curious enough to walk into a pharmacie today, just to learn it is 23 euros for a pack of 7 patches.

I was told that eating Tabacco is very poisonous, so this post was a stupid idea. Don’t do anything like this.

So, anyone here tried some other form of consumption? Smoking doesn’t seem a good idea, give you a kick that you don’t want when falling asleep and wears of fast. So I rather thought about oral consumption. Can’t possibly taste any worse than calea, and I figure you don’t need large amounts.

Anyone got some experiences, as how to and how much?

After reading this i took a pinch of chew tobacco an hour before i went to sleep. It enhanced my dreams to the point that the clock RC didnt work. I thought it might be a dream so i checked the clock and it said 11:11, i looked away and looked back twice and it was still 11:11. The fact that it said 11:11 is odd enough but ive never had the clock RC fail. It is like the trademark of a dream. If i became lucid in that dream it would have been amazing. The fact that my enviorment was so stable is what convinced me it wasnt a dream.

If you feel like trying this I would use the lowest strength nicotine patch (5 or 7mg). As you are a non-smoker you are likely to be very sensitive to the effects of nicotine so the patch is probably the best method as you can be sure of the dose you are getting. I would even suggest using half a low strength patch at first ( you can cut them up). Too high a dose can cause nightmares so I’d start out gently if I were you.

Both my mother and aunt have told me they get strong, uncomfortable SP if they smoke too much. Has anybody experienced something like that? It could be useful for those who can enter a lucid dream from SP?

this is true. When using a patch I sometimes get very intense SP including very stong vibration sensations.

From my experience, although it gives a kick, it does not wear of fast. I can notice the effects of a good cigar on my dreams for a few nights even.

I get the biggest patches when I buy and then I cut them into smaller ones. Gets much cheaper since they are all the same price for different strengts :cool: And you can also use the same patch twice but then I usually use tape to make sure it doesn’t fall off during the night. I usually cut the huge ones into 4 parts and then reuse each 2 times, so in total I get 56 nights of use out of 7 patches :wink: :cool_laugh:

A question on this: I’m not sure how much it costs but I recon these patches can be expensive, since I am a smoker, couldn’t I just wake up early for a WBTB and then smoke alot for about half an hour while browsing these forums or would that wear off too fast? And what about smoking the moment you wake up to increase dream recall?

according to Xetrov, the effects of nicotine derived from smoking last much longer than I had thought, so your way would probably work well too, espescially if you smoke right before going back to sleep I would think.

Whoops, I seem to be repeating myself. I must remember to check for a new page in future. Anyway I hope the advice is useful.

Eating tabacco is very poisonous, don’t do it! I am glad I didn’t try this…

Well I gave it a try last night and the night before and it seems to help dream recall and lucidity, I can’t be 100% sure it is the nicotine (or the absense of THC, which normally hinders my dreamrecall), but I had 3 short lucid dreams last night after WBTB combined with smoking. This is really exciting for me, I’m gonna keep trying this the next couple of nights for sure.

I started smoking on October 2004. From then on my lucid dreams were vanished, and I realised this only yesterday. Lately I have quit smoking (summer brake, with my mom-cant smoke at all), and stuff have begun running again…