No control...

OK, i was dreaming 2 nights ago and just remembered it,

I dreamt i was in this mideval type hallway and i saw a guy from the jonas brothers abd it hit me “I’m dreaminf!” i spun around and stayed in the same place, but i woke up, i went back to sleep and i was in the same place, and the guy told me “You realize you’re dreaming” and i became lucid. I wanted to create a portal to my house, and i believed i could control everything without getting too excited or vice versa. It just wouldn’t let me…

any advice?

This isn’t uncommon in the slightest. As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet that there isn’t anyone that ever had full control their first time lucid dreaming. It’s something you develop over a long period of time. Until then, try do something that is actually believable in reality to your subconscious, if you want to fly, open a drawer expecting it to contain a jetpack. It’s a lot easier to expect to find something and find it than to just take off and ignore gravity. If you want to get to your house, just walk down the road and pretend it connects to a road in your neighborhood. Odds are it probably will. Basically, nobody can realize they’re dreaming and play god right off the bat, that’s what we all learn to do over the course of years like everything else. :tongue: Nothing to be discouraged over, just be creative in the way you want to get stuff done.

so i guess the first time wont let us be in full control.its ok. i mean i have time and i hope i get an Ld soon so i can start practicing.

I’ve only had one short LD and I don’t believe I had any control. I think the best way to get control over your LDs is to just remember that you CAN control them, and you CAN do anything. And Stricken’s methods would probably work too. I haven’t had a chance to try control yet because I had a very low level of lucidity that one time, but that’s what I’ve heard.

Controlling dreams is hard at first. I couldn’t fly my first time or do much what I wanted. It’s okay. I took me three LD’s to figure out how to do it. And my first attempt at teleportation failed too. I think my subconsious believed that it was impossible. Don’t worry, you’ll get better. :content:

Last night I had an LD (my second one, I’m so proud). I tried to make a pretty meadow (like in howl’s moving castle) so I did what everyone said I should do and spun around on my axis. As soon as the scene stated to appear I woke up :wallhit:!!!

I’ll take that bet! :razz:

(I jumped out the window and went flying in my first one)

A good way to make something appear is to go to a door and say “_____ is behind this door.” then open the door. Mirrors and boxes also work. Or you can say “_____ is behind me.” and turn around and it might be there.

As you have more LD’s you’ll notice it gets much easier to make things happen.