No Dream Recall

I don’t Know if any1 else has had this but i can’t remember my dreams recently. I usually can remember most of my dream, not very vividly and i started using WILD without WBTB because i haven’t had a LD with MILD. I did the relax thing in this sites guide and then concentrated on my breath, i felt a sensation like pins and needles. But i opened my eyes, i tried again and i didn’t get the sensation or stay concious so i fell asleep. Once i woke up i couldn’t remember any part of the dream. The night after i didn’t do any method. When i woke up i could not remember any part of my dream again.
Whats wrong?

I’m not sure I don’t really have any expertise on dream recall. However one of the most overlooked things in dream recall is the placebo effect. I know how stressful this is because you can’t force confidence. but just make sure you don’t stress out whatever you do…sorry I know I wasn’t much help but maybe one of the more experienced LDers can be :smile:

Hopefully i will have a DILD tonight. Or at least remember my ND

Perhaps it is time to refresh your dream recall. Go to bed with the intent to wake up from a dream and remember it. Youc an sett your alarm clock like 6 or 7.5 hours after you go to bed if necessary. When you start to remember one a night go back to LDing

I remember my dreams perfectly when i do MILD.

for some weird reason i cant remember my dreams for the last few days :confused: .

Some things which can effect dream recall are stress, lack of sleep, irregular sleep patterns, alcohol, sleep apnea, and lack of intention to remember your dreams. If you find something like this which is hindering your DR, then forget about dreaming for a while and try to solve what’s hurting your dream recall. Once you’ve gotten rid of the problem, start fresh at trying to remember your dreams :smile:

There are a plenty of reasons.

Dream Recalling is related to your conscious mind level, but it doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten it. it’s about your low level mind showing your conscious you had a dream, and where is its memories.
I’m writing a guide about DR improvement, I can tell you the most important thing to remember to recall is knowing yourself.

For instance, have you ever taken the same bus many times, and aparently, in a minute you’ve reached your destination. You don’t remember completely what happened, but when someone asks if you’ve seem something at a specific point, you might recall your trip again.
We are constantly changing conscious levels.
The easiest way to wake up from being distracted is noticing something strange, like a noise, at this time, your conscious mind get up and knows what your lower levels were doing.

For instance, you are walking or driving, a bit distracted, but when you see something dangerous, you have to avoid an acident, you get “awake” again to take some important decision. other example is being awake during a deep sleep, which improves dream recall, think dreams as lower level mind.
(in LDs , most times your consciousness is awake too, that makes DR easier)

My recall has improved and i can now remember my Dreams.

mine hasn’t :sad:

I just stopped thinking about dreams and i started to remember. Might get back into tying for ld’s

on school nights, when i only sleep 4-5 hours, i rarely remember dreams. but on the weekends, i sleep about 10-11 hours and i remember multiple dreams.

Yeah same here, the longer I sleep the better my DR is. So if your DR is bad, you should try to get more sleep :content:

The last 3 days i rememberd my dreams. Just like hk-50 said I stopped thinking about dreams

Would someone give me some advice on when to get up and go to bed and what to do right before I go to sleep and after because I have absolutely no memory of my dreams during weekdays. :help: