no dreams to get lucid.. :(

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hey there, i accidently stepped over these sites when i was browsing through some other forum, and i would like to begin a journey to get lucid, the only problem i have is that i have no dreams to practise on… i rarely dream…

any suggestions?

You do dream, every night. You just don’t remember them. So the first you need to do is to improve your dream recall.

When you get up in the morning, don’t get up too fast, stay in bed for a few minutes and try to remember your dreams, keep a dream journal where you will note every details you can remember. Afetr a few days or weeks your DR will get better and then you’ll be able to try some technqiues to get lucid… :content:

how could it help to keep a dream journal or stay in bed for a few mins more if i cant remember i have dreamt at all? i mean, when i wake up, i have had no dreams, thats what my mind tricks me to believe anyway… :confused:

You do dream. There is no such thing as a dreamless sleep. :smile:

You could set your alarm clock so it awakes you right in the middle of REM sleep, then you should remember the dream you were just having.

A complete cycle is about an hour and a half. So you could set your alarm clock to 6 hours after you went to bed, that should do it. :content:

thx il try that… wish me luck, this will be my first night after i found out about LD… been reading like all day, really fasinating :content:

The thing to remember is to not give up on trying to have an LD. The more you learn about LDs the greater your chances are. I recently had an LD after going through an 8 month dryspell, and even before that they were only occuring once every 3 weeks or so. The point is, I gave up on it in those 8 months and I didn’t have an LD until this month. You can’t give up if you want it really bad because you will get an LD in no time if you keep at it.

I’ve been really trying to have another lately too, but even if I don’t I still have dreams to improve my DR.

Good Luck. :cool_laugh:

Hi powerbeyond,

A very good method to make you remember your dreams is repeating mentally before you go to sleep: “Tomorrow morning, I’ll recall my dreams”, say 10 or 20 times. It generally works very quickly and your dream recall increases drastically in a week.

Don’t forget to put your DJ and a pen near your bed. When you wake up, you don’t move at all. The first thing you have to do when you wake up is remembering you have to recall your dreams. When you recall a dream or even just fragments, then you can move and write them down in your DJ.

Good luck! :smile:

I had exactly the same problem when I started to learn LDing 4 days ago.

While waiting to fall asleep, I simply repeated “I will remember a dream” over and over again. I was surprised the next morning, when I was adding the first dream to my dream journal.

In the last 4 days I remembered 3 different dreams. One of them was quite obvious, I should’ve done some reality checks :content:.

Good luck to you!

Trust me, it helps. The very worst thing you can do is get up straight away, because then you start thinking about other things and get distracted. If you can’t remember any dreams at all, it’s probably because you get up too soon! :razz: