No Happy Medium

I was once a very experienced LDer and was able to achieve an average of one LD every second night, sometimes more. Then I lost motivation and since then I only get LD’s randomly once every few months. I’m trying to get back into it but I’m having difficulty, and this is the most recent problem that has arisen. I’m a very deep sleeper and I can fall asleep in a matter of minutes on some nights, seconds on others. The problem is, I’m simply good at shutting down my conscious mind. Whenever I try to keep it awake, I can’t sleep at all and can’t sleep for pretty much the entire night. It’s either fall asleep right away or don’t fall asleep at all. This is really annoying because whenever I try to do MILD I can’t sleep at all and when I do it’s restless. However, if I don’t I end up sleeping so deeply that I don’t come close to lucidity. How can I find a happy medium?

Also I tend to have a lot of patterns in my habits before bed and that’s when I can fall asleep so easily. I do the exact same thing every night before bed and have a routine that I do simply out of convenience. I’ve done it so much that even if I’m not tired it tells my body it is time to fall asleep and after about a minute lying in bed I’m dead to the world. I guess this could be used to my advantage but I haven’t figured out how yet. So if anyone has any ideas on that I’d love to hear them! Thanks everyone :smile:

Well, maybe MILD is not the technique for you, or you probably concentrate too much. I would advice you to let your thoughs wander along the subjects of LD’ing. Don’t force yourself to think about one and only one sentence. Think about, what you will do in your next LD, remember some good experiences from other LD’s etc. Also visualize your thoughs. With these thoughs in your mind, simply naturally fall asleep. Don’t try to force yourself into being conscious. It’s MILD after all, not WILD.