No more Pantera?:(Like Metal or classic Rock?

Nah, never your comments are great Fabi. Ruthless and final, thats how a strong mind lives in this world.

Has anyone ever heard of New Found Power? Thats the other members of Pantera, seems like its gonna be another great band to look forward too(for my case), i think Zak Wylde is apart of it too.(Black Label Society/Ozzy)

O-yeah, lately i been to the, for a while now nothing on the site has been working, untill now :smile: .
Its nothing big or anything, but its a change, so i think NIN might release something new.(if intrested click on the right corner)

Other than that, i know the lead singer of STP(Stone Temple Pilots) is joing the old members of GNR(Guns and Roses) i think its called Reload, not sure yet,but im looking forward to that too. So if any of you people out there heard of anything new and special affecting the metal/rock music of today make a post, and shed some light.

Im a fiend towards new music :bounce:

Yeah, I know about :smile: I think they updated it last friday. :content:
Did you know that on one of those pages there is a hidden message? go to … then adjust the brightness of your monitor to REALLY bright… soon you should be able to make out a binary code (1’s and 0’s). If you translate those into ASCII it becomes a written text. :grin:

Cant find the hidden message :sad:, every computer i used wont go any brighter than it is :neutral: any other ideas? :eh:

Opeth=Best Band ever! :happy:

They’re neither pop nor underground…but I don’t care…they rock…they’ll be my fav. Band forever :cheesy: A few years ago I thought the same about Slipknot though :bored:

If you like Opeth, try Novembre my second favourite band…or Agalloch or Katatonia… :alien:

@ hubbs: make a screenshot and then play with the colors/brightness/contrast in photoshop or a similar program.

or maybe look at the source code of that particular website… the background pic (4.gif i think) is the message…

Oh, I just noticed where you come from fabi…I live in Hamburg too :cheesy:


Athsome dude. We can like have a thweet gay LD meetup. :wink:
Where in Hamburg do you live?

I listen to Katatonia too. They’re pretty cool :cheesy: I have their 2nd album (Brave Murder Day), in which Mikael Akerfeldt from Opeth is doing the vocals :smile:

Anyone heard of “Sentenced”? If I mentioned there name Down Under, no-one would what im talking about. Anyway, just wondering what other people’s opinion is about this band? I think they are awesome, but from what I can gather they are considered “Posers” and all those other nasty words in country’s like Finland and stuff.

Never heard of them, i dont listen to foreign music. I feel left out :bored:

You ‘foreigners’ should check out In Flames too if you havn’t heard them before. That is a pop/mainstream-melodic death metal band if there ever was one!

And you were right about Opeth. Listening to some of their music right now. :smile:

Once again, does anybody recomend(know) any good songs from Opeth to download?? The couple i did download werent the greatest, so fill me in :happy:.

I give everything a chance :content:
Even Elevator music :eek:

Heh, I’m looking for elevator music myself :content:

Anyway… some songs of Opeth:
Blackwater Park
The Drapery Falls
In My Time of Need
Moonlapse Vertigo

Have fun :cool:

I live in Schnelsen and you?

That depends on your preferences in music. Generally I’d suggest anything of Blackwater Park because it seems the most accessible record for most people…

Download ‘Bleak’ from BWP

“Godheads lament” is also pretty cool…+“a fair judgment” from their second newest album deliverance…awwwww…OPETH…

If you’re on cable or DSL make sure to download "Black Rose Immortal2 from the Album “Morningrise” to get a feel for the old, raw Opeth…
If you like mellow music, download anything excapt “Weak” of “Damnation” …it’s basically progrock…they did it together with porcupine trees frontman Steve Wilson…it’s amazing…

Alrighty then, thanks :content:

Do any of you guys listen to American Metal?

I don’t really listen to any American stuff, just nothing I like has come out of there recently… but I like the old metal of course.
Hubbs you should check out a song called “New Age Messiah” by Sentenced, it sounds like 80’s power metal, with screaming vocals, it’s really cool :cool:

Sounds right up my alley, i’ll download it :smile: Thanks for looking out there for a big manic for metal(Me).

I have only listened to “My arm - your hearse” so far. Which album is the best one in your opinions? I have gotten used to d/l:ing full albums only. Usually all albums by one band at the same time. Thats what the university network is for afterall isn’t it? :grin:

Sometimes it gets too much and you have to delete everything and just keep a few songs. But all of “My arm - your hearse” was worth keeping i think.

All Opeth Albums are worth keeping, but I think it’s pretty lame to download complete records…Quality music should be rewarded…moreover, the Opeth booklets add alot to the overall feel…they’re sooooo cool…the last ones were done by Travis smith…they look absolutly beautiful…

But to answer your question…it depends on your taste in music. If you like a raw production and a, in a way, blackmetallish sound, go for Morningrise or Orchid…if you like classical death Metal, choose Deliverance…Blackwaterpark is a cool mix between heavy and mellow sounding…Still life is just beautiful but takes more time than Blackwater Park to access…Damnation is the “mellow” side of Deliverance…they did the album with Steve Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and it’s not really Metal, but worth a listen!!!

Well…just randomly choose an Album…you can’t go wrong… :content: