NO New Mod positions available - don't apply within ;P

Well it worked! I got a boring, nightmarish dream :tongue: . You can see it here if you are interested … it’s the second dream.

Hey JaRod come back and curse everyone with lucid dreams! The last 2 times I posted here, I got boring or nightmarish dreams. :bow:

sings this is is post that never ends! It just goes on and on my friends! Some people started posting it not knowing what it means, and they’ll continue posting now forever just because (repeats) /singing

Ok that was my post for hope of ANY dream!

Ok, even if I can’t seem to stop people with my curses I will try again.

I will do my :wizard: , so that anyone that posts here will be cursed with LD’s every night for a week.

YES! :bounce: :dream: I wonder when the curse will start working … will it be this week? :content:


Actually the boring nightmare curse worked for me :smile: I hadn’t had any dream recall for a week, posted here and wala!

LDs for a week here I come!

lol well done, so this topic has more reason then it first seems :happy:

Well, No Lucid Dream but defently the coolest and most vivid dream I’ve had in AGES!!! :cool_laugh:

Any day Q will announce about her four arms!! :tongue:

lol didnt she already do that. :razz:

Wouldn’t it be funny if this April Fools joke was actually a Double April Fools joke, in that the joke is that you all think it’s an April Fools Joke when in fact it’s serious.

However, I do hope pasQuale doesn’t pick me up and throw me out the window for cheekily pointing out that, under traditional April Fools rules, all April Fools Jokes must be performed before noon, and since she did hers at 3pm, she has performed an Illegal April Fools Joke, punishable by being sat on and tickled.


It seems it was a double April fool’s joke…I’m a mod now :tongue:

Plus I’m still waiting for the week of LDs that jarod “cursed” me with. :grin:

I’m back :grin:
I just realised tonight I got my “week of Lds” the end of january.
So I’m back for more :wink:

could i be a mod?

Q started this topic as an april fool’s day joke last year :smile:

Yeah I’d like to be a mod. :content:

oh moogle look what you have done :razz:

once again, this topic was an april fools joke from last year.

Be careful… Otherwise people might think the (new) topic title is an april fools joke, so they think you ARE looking for new mods.


at least anyone who posts here gets cursed with a week of boring LDs by JaRoD :smile:

Then I won’t post here…