no vibrations or SP

can anyone tell me some methods that dont include vibration in trying to LD and dont include SP…im wondering cuz i want to start using techniques in addition to already having LDs

WILD is the only method that really tends to lead to these things, and some people don’t notice them anyway. MILD doesn’t usually, and neither do most of the others.

Keep in mind that the vibrations, buzzing, etc. really aren’t too bad and that they’re just incorrect nerve signals. Also remember that you experience SP multiple times every night, so all you have (partial) control over is whether you’re conscious during that time. It’s not too bad either.

What is wrong with experiencing a SP?? You are always paralyzed during sleep, only difference is that you can get concsiousely aware of it when trying to for example WILD.

I mean i really want to avoid old hag cuz i have huge paranoia of freaky stuff and i go nervous when its dark or when i hear other noises which wake me up i try to not go to sleep cuz im all freaked

If you’re going to make such bold claims as dismissing vibrations as incorrect nerve signals you should at least attempt to corroborate it with evidence of some sort.

I see vibrations and buzzing as somatic hallucinations. Hearing a distinctly clear voice in the dark or unearthly music does not occur because somewhere in your brain your wires are crossed, they are entirely independant phenomena created explicitly by your brain. It may just be fodder, something useless with no real value, but they do occur and are perceived as they are meant to be.

Al the DILD methods don’t include vibes and SP, cause you don’t have to experience the falling asleep process. Main DILD methods are MILD, autosuggestion, RC’s, finding an object (for instance your hands) in dreams, etc.