Nobady is talking to me in LD!

Every time when I become lucid everybody around me stop talking. And even if I ask somebody something I can get an answer. That is because I know that all of them are just part of my mind and they don’t have their own individuality. So if I talk with any of them it will be just like talking to myself. What do you think about this?
P.S. I hope my English is not so bad.

Do you know that for a fact? It is possible, I believe, that we have visitors in our dreams that are not aspects of our own selves. Also, even if a dream character is just a division of the self, think about the possibility, too, that it may be a part of the personality that got isolated and separated from the whole sometime during childhood – which makes meeting the character an excellent opportunity for self-understanding (of course, they’re not always WILLING to talk to us!).

DCs are created by your mind but they are part of your subconscious. They may tell you things you didnt even know you knew, they may behave like a totaly different person. We create our DCs based on the world around us, on the people we have met and on out imagination. I’ve happened to talk to DCs who had a totally different opinion on things than me.

I agree with you. I can talk to DCs in my non LD. But when I am lucid they are just me, and I am the one who should control their words!

I am a believer in the idea that dreams are based on expectation. So it makes perfect sense. You say you are the one who should control their words. And that is what you do in NDs subconsciously. When you get aware of the fact that they don’t really think, only appear to, you expect them to be quiet, even though you know they can talk. It could be a blessing or a curse, I guess.

You could slap them. lol jk, take the time to meditate and practice recall.

Say(“When I have a Lucid Dream they WILL talk.”);