Normal Dream Challenge 13 - Winners Announced!

Scores have now been updated. :smile:

Congrats on doing the task in the current week! Let us know when it’s up! :content:

:rofl: If only Moogle and I had thought of having a twist task! But alas, as many of you already guessed, we are continuing on with the theme of transport.

As for the deadline of artworks, as Moogle said there are five instances of being able to claim for dream art. If a person has a dream and has already created art for it and is unable to post during the week it is, or is 100% intending to, then we appreciate heads up so that we can score it for the correct week.

Thanks for the heads up! Please remember that we are now in the last week so please get it up as soon as you can! :peek:

Congrats on completing the Wings Quest in an LD! :cheer: Points are, of course, the same as if it were achieved in an ND, but it is always nice to see someone completing the Quest as it is intended.

Also, congrats on being the first person to complete it!

Had 1 ND here this morning. Although it didn’t feature any flying planes/helicopters, I was prominently piloting a futuristic looking flying car. Does this still count?

Two NDs last night!
I did a nose-pinch RC in the first one and for the first time ever, it didn’t work at all! :confused:

October 03: Fragments only

And I’d already bought my plane tickets in an earlier dream! That’s another precognitive dream that’s come true :smile: (I think The Amazing Randi would not be impressed with this demonstration of predicting the obvious).

Non-lucid dream in which I see Stonehenge.

Non-lucid dream in which I say no to an improper suggestion made by a film director.

Scores have been updated. :wink:

Hey James, I noticed that this particular dream happened before 5 AM on the 3rd October, GMT+1, while the task wasn’t posted until 2:47 PM of the same day. While it’s fun that so many people are having precogs of the tasks, they unfortunately cannot be counted for points. :woah:

Also, flying cars do not count under our approved gadgets for flying. But please accept late task points for Week 2’s “Drive a Car” task. :peek:

:rofl: Don’t worry, here at the NDC, RCs count for points even if they fail at failing, (or fail to get you lucid). :dingding:

Also, please be aware that this challenge ends on:

Wednesday 10th October, 2018

At roughly 15.00 GMT.

You will be allowed a 48 hour grace period in order to post all dreams / art had up until that point. Please do not post any dreams had after the date.


While we’re having fun with precognitive dreams… I’ve just visited my local cinema in waking life, and it turns out that they really are going to be running a film festival for Halloween, and they really are showing Ridley Scott’s Alien. I did not know this at the time I had the dream.

@Susan_Y :eh:
Getting freaky. :grin:

just fragments again. one lucid with an rc.

I’ve posted a sketch of the ninja cyclops lady from my weird dream on Sept 28.

One dream the morning of the 4th :content:

October 04: 1 ND

Non-lucid dream in which a woman gives me some cinema tickets. Her hair style possibly resembles Julie Delpy as Seraphine in An American Werewolf in Paris, and the scene had a slight werewolf movie feel to it, but apart from that I am not in a werewolf movie. Definitely not a werewolf. Nothing to see here :smile: So no werewolf points.

Non-lucid dream in which I play a strange musical instrument. I am not counting this as completing my personal task, because this strange instrument is not really Tibetan (despite the Tibetan/Nepalase/Indian by who knows how to play it).

Scores have been updated. :happy:

Congrats on finally getting those art points for Week 4! :good:

And yes, we’re sorry to have to end it, too!! :cry:

But it has been five weeks and we feel it only fair we give someone else a chance to lend their magic to the recall of others. :peek:


When we began this challenge, we expected art to be up to a week late. We know ‘life happens’ and we have been very understanding.

But now we are drawing to the end of the challenge, so

  • Any previously promised art needs to be uploaded before the Wednesday deadline.
  • Week 5 art has a further 48 hours grace, so needs to be submitted by Friday so Eilatan can produce the final scores.

We can’t wait to see the artwork. :hyper:

one dream last night in which i ride a future train in the underground!

i also became lucid briefly and did an rc.

October 05: 1 ND