Normal Dream Challenge 13 - Winners Announced!

Before we start, Susan_Y … it would be a good idea to decide on a personal goal otherwise you miss out on the chance on the goal points. :peek:
IT IS ALSO POSSIBLE TO JOIN DURING THE CHALLENGE. Previous dreams before joining will not count.

Time to begin NDC 13. Have fun and good luck to all. :thumbs:


I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like
It’s got a basket, a bell that rings
And things to make it look good
I’d give it to you if I could, but I borrowed it
(Pink Floyd)

For the first week, the task is to ride a bike. (50 pts). So, you just need to grab a normal pedal bike and ride it. So this first task is as easy as riding a bike. :razz:

Bonus Tasks.

  1. See a bike (5 pts)
  2. Ride a tricycle or if you are more adventurous a pennyfarthing or even a unicycle (10 pts)
  3. Ride a tandem bike (10 pts) Grab a DC and take a ride.
  4. Take part in a bike race. Either officially or by accident. (20 pts) Choose your race - mountain biking, Tour de France, even niche races such as Folding Bike Racing (In one you have to wear commuter clothing and part of the race is unfolding the bike!) Doesn’t matter if you win or lose, taking part is the important thing

My first dream since the challenge started:

Non-lucid dream in which I hear some music (possibly Tibetan).

P.S. I’ve started a new section of my dream journal in the DJ forum; the previous section was getting a bit long.

One ND here this morning. No tasks done.

NameDream Journal Personal Goal

  1. LucidWilliam - LucidWilliam’s Dream Journal - Goal = Change My Past!
  2. James_UK2008 - James_UK2008’s Dream Journal - Goal = Shapeshift
  3. Mew151 - Mew151’s Dreams: The [Girly] Reboot - Goal = Perform on Stage
  4. tachyon - The realm of tachyonic particles - Goal = Compose Music
  5. Koal44 - DJ - Goal = Fly above a forest
  6. Alot - Alot more dreams (part II) - Goal = Meet Alex from A Clockwork Orange
  7. Majah - Majah’s dreams - Goal = Swim/ float in water
  8. Letaali - Letaali’s Dream Journal - Goal = Learn something from a DC
  9. Susan_Y - Susan’s Dreams
  10. Yev - Yev’s Dreams - Goal = Cross the ocean
  11. DeRuyter001 - The Mound of Thistles - Goal = Hold a banquet at Respiral
  12. Obliverum - Obli 1 - Goal = be taught a magical skill
  13. EarthlyInspired - Alison’s Dream Journal - Goal = Explore ancient ruins
  14. Obfusc8 - Lost in the Void - Goal=Speak to M

One ND as well, about putting ice cream together.

Two NDs for me! No goals reached.

Two dreams last night. link

Scores Updates

no nd recall but i had an ld last night :grin:

no reality check or other points, just ice cream ðŸ¦and a failed attempt at the wings quest.

Two dreams featuring coriander seed. :uh: Have forgotten what they were about though…

2NDs here this morning. No tasks…

I have two fragments from last night: one where I was taking an impossibly difficult test way too slowly :help: , and another where I had a very special electronics class that involved connecting wires with… water :eek:

September 06: Fragments only

Yikes, lots of dreams last night!

A bunch of fragments, and four NDs.

In the last one, I was at work and had to sit on an exercise bike because my office was under construction—does this count?? It’s only “sort of” a bike, and I certainly wasn’t intentionally incubating an exercise bike during the day yesterday :rofl:

No recall for last night.

I can remember that I was dreaming just before I awoke, but I couldn’t hold on to any of the content.

It would come under the ‘See a bike’ 5 points. :happy:

Hi Majah, since this is more fragment recall than actual dreams, I’ve counted it as such.

Congrats on being the first to achieve any type of subtask! Sounds like it was quite the workout! :content:

Scores have now been updated.

i recalled two dreams last night.

i tried to incubate a bike riding dream but ended up having a dream talking about bike politics instead.

Had 2 NDs here this morning. No tasks.

September 07: 1 ND