Normal Dream Challenge 13 - Winners Announced!

Non-lucid fragment in which I am on a train. I’ll claim the points for recalling a fragment and taking a train ride. It probably wasn’t a steam train, and I don’t recall whether the scenery was awesome or not.

Non-lucid dream in which I ride a rollercoaster. The view from the top was awesome, but rollercoasters probably don’t count as trains, even through they have carriages pulled along a track. I don’t care if it didn’t get me task points, the rollercoaster was fun :smile:

October 8: 2 NDs

plane accomplished! my dreams of sleeping different places finally brought me to sleeping on a plane. though still no one has reported seeing a plane, and i didnt even see the plane i was in as my eyes were closed!

the plane dream was one of two dreams last night.

Sorry for being MIA the last few days. I had one ND the night before last, and one ND/LD last night where I did an RC. I will update my DJ soon hopefully.

Happy Thanksgiving to anyone else in Canada!

October 08: Fragments only

October 9: 1 ND, with a scene from Top view apparently flying, but no memory of how I got there

Non-lucid dream in which I help put up a tent, and I see a bicycle. Any points for seeing the bicycle late?

Non-lucid dream in which I have a meal in a bar with a group of other people.

Any points for seeing tbe bicycle late?

Yes, the full 5 points if it is the first time you are claiming that bonus. :smile:

Scores have been updated. :peek:

:boogie: Congrats on the space travel! :universe:

Counted! :write: Thanks for getting these in in time!

Congrats on getting the train task done, Tggtt would be proud! :clap:

Congrats on finally seeing a bike! Counted! :smile:

:cheer: Congrats on the plane dream. Too bad dreaming you didn’t get lucid from the uncomfortable turbulence! :tryfly:

Thanks for letting us know! Please be sure to write them up before the 48 hours deadline is up, otherwise we won’t be able to count them. :content:

I’ve been away the last few days and, gosh, I’ve got some catching up to do!

I flew in a spaceship this Saturday; it was very similar to the TARDIS dream I mentioned before. I’ll write up the one from Saturday and forget about the earlier one, points-wise.

I’ve uploaded my dream art from week 1.

Sorry for the delay (procrastination) in getting this one uploaded.

October 10: 1 ND, probably my last entry for this challenge :wink:

Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks.

October 09: Fragments only

Non-lucid dream with some gratuitous nudity.

Non-lucid dream in which I am in a spaceship in orbit around an exploded star, and make a colour drawing of it in watercolour pencil during the dream. I claim the points for “leave the Earth”.

A bit behind… a dream and some fragments from the 7th.

Attempted my personal goal, haven’t written that one up yet. It’s probably the only other dream worth writing up.

A little later than Eilatan said

NDC 13 is now OVER.

Only dreams from Tuesday night will be counted. There will be a 48 hour grace period to get dreams and any artwork from week 5 posted onto the forum.

It’s been fun. I hope you enjoyed it as much as Eilatan and I.

thank you moogle and Eilatan for hosting! i had great fun on my first ncd.

just in time, last night i finally dreamed of riding a bike! i also had a second nd where i rode a bus. hmm, if only there were a week 6…

and one lucid fragment to top it all off. i tried to do an rc but my body was frozen… not sure if that counts as a successfully failed rc or not since i was intending to do a nose pinch, but it did make me certain i was asleep.

thats my final points report for this challenge!

edit: i just saw that it is moogles birthday today! happy birthday! you have the same birthday as my mystery dream cousin… in the bus dream i was going to a birthday party :grin:

Please be aware that you only have 24 hours (until Friday 15.00 GMT) to post these dreams, at which point the NDC will be closed and scores will be announced. :peek:

Awesome! Congrats on going to space! :boogie:

I agree with Siiw that it would be nice to see this one drawn up. :cool:

We would definitely love to read it! So please be sure to post within the next 24 hours (by Friday 15.00 GMT). :write:

:rofl: Congrats on finally getting Week 1’s task done!! :hurray: This always happens to one person.

Thank you Eilatan and Moogle for doing such a fantastic job, I enjoyed this challenge sooo much ðŸ˜

Here are my dreams for the 8th and 9th.