Normal Dream Challenge 13 - Winners Announced!

I’ve uploaded my dream art from week 1.

Sorry for the delay (procrastination) in getting this one uploaded.

October 10: 1 ND, probably my last entry for this challenge :wink:

Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks.

October 09: Fragments only

Non-lucid dream with some gratuitous nudity.

Non-lucid dream in which I am in a spaceship in orbit around an exploded star, and make a colour drawing of it in watercolour pencil during the dream. I claim the points for “leave the Earth”.

A bit behind… a dream and some fragments from the 7th.

Attempted my personal goal, haven’t written that one up yet. It’s probably the only other dream worth writing up.

A little later than Eilatan said

NDC 13 is now OVER.

Only dreams from Tuesday night will be counted. There will be a 48 hour grace period to get dreams and any artwork from week 5 posted onto the forum.

It’s been fun. I hope you enjoyed it as much as Eilatan and I.

thank you moogle and Eilatan for hosting! i had great fun on my first ncd.

just in time, last night i finally dreamed of riding a bike! i also had a second nd where i rode a bus. hmm, if only there were a week 6…

and one lucid fragment to top it all off. i tried to do an rc but my body was frozen… not sure if that counts as a successfully failed rc or not since i was intending to do a nose pinch, but it did make me certain i was asleep.

thats my final points report for this challenge!

edit: i just saw that it is moogles birthday today! happy birthday! you have the same birthday as my mystery dream cousin… in the bus dream i was going to a birthday party :grin:

Please be aware that you only have 24 hours (until Friday 15.00 GMT) to post these dreams, at which point the NDC will be closed and scores will be announced. :peek:

Awesome! Congrats on going to space! :boogie:

I agree with Siiw that it would be nice to see this one drawn up. :cool:

We would definitely love to read it! So please be sure to post within the next 24 hours (by Friday 15.00 GMT). :write:

:rofl: Congrats on finally getting Week 1’s task done!! :hurray: This always happens to one person.

Thank you Eilatan and Moogle for doing such a fantastic job, I enjoyed this challenge sooo much ðŸ˜

Here are my dreams for the 8th and 9th.

Last entry for the comp, attempt at my personal goal. Didn’t achieve what I wanted, but getting closer. DJ entry

Many thanks to Moogle & Eilatan for hosting. :slide:

Thank you Obliverum :content:

Just got in there with some writeups.

They are not as full as usual for my own style of diary, but I’ll add those when I get the chance.

EDIT: And thanks to the hosts! They were very clear but very entertaining tasks. Happy birthday moogle! I hope it was a fantastic day.

:balloon: NDC 13 IS NOW OVER :balloon: [/center]

And the winner is:


:yay: Congratulations everyone! You did it! You made it here, to the end of the 13th Normal Dreaming Challenge. What an amazing five weeks it has been!

Did you know that (with the exception of a participant dropping out early due to RL), every single one of you managed to gain points this challenge? :ok:

In fact, during this challenge 249 dreams were recorded! That doesn’t include the 82 days that fragments were recorded! :woot:

And amongst all this dreaming, 60 tasks were completed! :boogie:

Wow! You are all so amazing! Give yourselves a hand for being such wonderful participants! :clap:

To us, you are all winners and we are so proud of all of you! :hurray:

“But wait, Eilatan,” I hear you say, “Who got the most points?”

Okay, okay, I see you are bored by my moment, but how can I properly express how amazing this NDC has been? Moogle and I set out to create some fun, but we could never anticipate how much you all would enjoy it. We definitely never anticipated so many precogs of the tasks! :peek: But this just make things all the more fun! (Or is that “funny”? :rofl: )

But now I really am just delaying, so without further ado:

Jump in your transport and let’s head over to the scores!

----------- :tardis: ----------- ----------- -----------

Final Scores

  1. EarthlyInspired ------ 822
  2. [size=167]Susan_Y ----------- 720 [/size]
  3. [size=134]Obfusc8 ------------- 625 [/size]
  4. Obliverum ----------- 429
  5. Alot ------------------ 375
  6. James_UK ----------- 320
  7. Yev ------------------- 300
  8. DeRuyter ------------ 220
  9. Tachyon ------------- 120
  10. Majah ---------------- 90
  11. Letaali --------------- 60
  12. Koal ------------------ 25
  13. LucidWilliam -------- 10

Congratulations EarthlyInspired, the winner of NDC 13! :partying_face:

As per NDC tradition, EarthlyInspired can choose to host NDC14 or pass it on to Susan_Y and so on and so forth.

Moogle and I would like to say a huge thanks to all of you for participating. This has been a great NDC and we hope to see you again in future adventures!

Well done EarthlyInspired! :clap: And Susan_Y and Obfusc8 ! :woot:

Wow, congratulations everyone! There were so many impressive dreams along the way, reading them was like being subscribed to a short story anthology. And I think everyone completed at least one task in a totally unexpected way. I hope we’ll all get together again for the LC, too!

Yayy, congratulations everyone!! I had so much fun in my first ever NDC challenge. These challenges are such a great way to help improve fundamental dream skills such as recall, and therefore help in our quests for lucid dreams as well. And I love the community feel of being part of such an awesome group of dreamers!

I would be honoured to host the next NDC. However, I do have one concern. Currently, real life has become unusually hectic and has been keeping me very busy. I expect to be back into routine by next month though, and would be happy to host then. If the NDC is expected to run sooner, then I would like to offer the opportunity to Susan_Y, provided she is interested. I would not be able to give adequate attention to the challenge in the near future, and I don’t want to provide anything less than the awesome coordination that Eilatan and Moogle have shown for this challenge.

So I guess my question is: When is the next NDC expected to take place?

EarthlyInspired, NDC usually runs on average twice a year (and sometimes once). It pays to plan the tasks and scoring before beginning the sign up topic. So relax and just keep us informed in this topic. :grin:

I really enjoyed NDC13 … though a tad disappointed that we didn’t get a werewolf in space dream. :rofl:

Dear all,

I am just back to congratulate the winner and the hosts.

We just had a winner reaching over 800 points while the top three are all above 500.

It’s the second NDC from the same hosts. They were the first to initiate the cohosting in NDC. This new NDC shows their experience and how cohosting can work well.

This is officially the most active NDC in history of LD4all.
No other NDC has ever reached 20 pages.
There were 13 participants who had more than zero points, which is also historical.

Congratulations to everyone who participated as well.
This would not reach its results without you.

Thank you.

Congratulations to EarthlyInspired, Susan_Y, Obfusc8 and everyone else, and big thanks to Eilatan and moogle for their effort! My apologies that I seemed to have vanished around week 3, the start of my semester was extremely busy but luckily it’s better now.