Normal Dream Challenge 13 - Winners Announced!

September 06: Fragments only

Yikes, lots of dreams last night!

A bunch of fragments, and four NDs.

In the last one, I was at work and had to sit on an exercise bike because my office was under construction—does this count?? It’s only “sort of” a bike, and I certainly wasn’t intentionally incubating an exercise bike during the day yesterday :rofl:

No recall for last night.

I can remember that I was dreaming just before I awoke, but I couldn’t hold on to any of the content.

It would come under the ‘See a bike’ 5 points. :happy:

Hi Majah, since this is more fragment recall than actual dreams, I’ve counted it as such.

Congrats on being the first to achieve any type of subtask! Sounds like it was quite the workout! :content:

Scores have now been updated.

i recalled two dreams last night.

i tried to incubate a bike riding dream but ended up having a dream talking about bike politics instead.

Had 2 NDs here this morning. No tasks.

September 07: 1 ND

One ND yesterday (September 7)
One ND this morning, went back to sleep and one more ND and two fragments (first and last dream were fragments), same morning (Total 2 NDs and 2 fragments for September 8).

Correction also, the first dream I had was September 6, not 5 thanks.

I love this :lol:

I had one really short dream (more of a fragment), and one really long one. It was so neat! They were doing some kind of lab experiment on me. :eek:
I also managed to re-enter that dream after my first alarm went off, which I’ve never done before, so that was cool.

I had one more dream this afternoon that became an LD where I completed my personal goal. I also possibly saw a bike at the bowling alley, probably on the lane, but it wasn’t an important part of the dream and didn’t recall anything while typing it up, so it’s not included.

Still no recall (I can remember that I was dreaming, but lost all of the details).

By the way, if people are reading my dream journal, I’d welcome comments (in the DJ thread) on which of my dreams you thought were interesting. Unfortunately, there’s not much there yet for this challenge.

3 dreams… or maybe 4 if DEILD counts as separate? :happy: I dunno. link

I also, while lucid, rode a bicycle. Also lucid, saw two boys cycling.

thanks! it was almost as frustrating as real politics :tongue:

two nds last night, no bikes yet.

im going to try imagining riding a bike while i fall asleep tonight. has anyone tried doing lucid bike riding irl yet? whats the best rc for doing while riding an irl bike?

Had 1 LD here this morning. Almost completed my personal goal but didn’t get far enough…

One ND, and three or four fragments.
Tried googling pictures of bicycles yesterday, and found all sorts of cool ones and alternative types of bikes. Daydreamed about riding them, but no bike-like dream results yet! If only I had a bicycle irl…

September 08: 2 NDs

Non-lucid dream in which a gust of wind blows some paper folders out through a window.

Non-lucid dream in which I have pain in my left knee joint.

Nightmare fragment which I’ve had to snip entirely because it’s inappropriate for forums. (I leave it to the host to decide if snipped fragments are worth points).

One ND here, no bikes recalled.

Had 1 ND here this morning. No tasks.