Now what?

Ive tried the following for a week each

Wild: too hard

Ssild: one false awakening then the next mornings to sleepy to remember what to do in morning

Wbtb + mild: didnt work

Totems going off when sleeping: didnt work

I’m sure the more experienced members of the forum will have more useful advice, but if I may offer some insight, I don’t think that one week of trying is enough to dismiss all those techniques. Lucid dreaming works exactly like any other skill you can acquire; it takes time, effort, dedication. It’s easier for some, more difficult for others, but I strongly believe that everyone can learn how to do it, so long as they also remember that they did it. I noticed in your post history that your dream recall was very low, so before trying out different kinds of techniques, I’d suggest working on that (if it hasn’t changed already). Once you are able to remember a full dream and reflect on your actions and feelings, you’ll be able to start having dream goals and explore what works and doesn’t work for you.

WILD is actually hard, and I’m sure you already noticed that people don’t recommend it right away, so I think it would be better if you just start with working on dream recall, being aware of your surroundings, thinking about what’s different when it comes to dreams and the waking world, noticing some dream constants, doing RCs… eventually, this could lead to a LD, and from there you can work on it.

Just try not to be impatient, because if you say to yourself that something doesn’t work, well, it definitely won’t.

So, to answer the question from your topic title: now you practice.

As a ‘more experienced member’, I have to say En’enra is completely right. I personally used autosuggestion and frequent RC’s coupled with a dedication to writing in my DJ EVERY time I woke up to get my first LD. It took about a month, just focusing on that one method.
Dream recall is very important, but also generally not difficult to build up. I would also recommend focusing first on building dream recall. By building up your ability to recall dreams, you are also increasing your overall awareness of them. Eventually this awareness of the dream will translate to awareness during the dream :content:

Good luck!