First number 11, 111 and 11:11 had great influences on me, but now its 333, 421, 433 and 434 that have great influences on my life, plus there are other sidenumbers.

Numbers are and have always been the way I remember places and certain persons and they change as I know new persons :tongue:

Maybe it does mean something, like i look at the clock and see 11:11 and 22:22 and 14:14 and such all the time, and heres sumit weird:
I was born on May 15th at 3pm
may is the 5th month, 5x3 = 15

you say 5 is a complete number? xD
Yeh its weird how things link up in life, I think everyone has a link like this but some just don’t see it "/

I’m going to be skeptical here and say that, wherever you look, you will always find some pattern in life. Now, that’s not because there’s anything significant going on, but rather simply because you want to find something significant.

In your case, you claim that you were born at 3 PM, whereas you were almost certainly born either a little before or a little after 3. If the clock struck 3 at precisely the same moment you opened your eyes or were first exposed to air or whatever milestone we use to signify birth (that’s another problem, by the way), then THAT would truly be something.

A similar thing goes for the date and month. From an objective perspective, you were not born on May 15. You were born at such-and-such point in time. No numbers, no words. Just a point. Humans apply labels to specific points in time just to make it easier to understand. Therefore, by using units like months and days, you aren’t looking at time through an objective lens anymore.

Also, what is the significance of 15 anyway? It’s not that it’s arbitrary (though it is that), it’s that there must be thousands of other people with that exact same answer to the grand equation of their birthdate. Things that we claim to be special because of their coincidental quality tend to lose their value once we use a wider lens (such as one that encompasses the entire earth).

Now, I am going to blow numerology apart by pointing out that, due to the fact that we don’t live in the same Newtonian world we thought we did a century ago, the universe is basically a random number generator. Every (literally) little event that occurs in the universe is random; on a quantum level, there is only probability. Also, remember that thing with using a wider lens? Well, when we consider the possibility of parallel universes, numerology loses even more of its mysterious, coincidental quality. See, if parallel universes–the kind made possible by quantum randomness–exist, then every potential outcome for every event has occurred in some parallel world. What that means is that FunkyFreddo was born on May 14 somewhere. And May 16. And every other potential date.

Now, to wrap this up (because I’m rambling :nuu:), I will say that I can still conceive a great, huge, elegant multiverse of infinite complexity in which everything is carefully intertwined thanks to mathematics. Such a world would be so incredibly complex that it would make our puny little universe seem random when it is in fact not. However, I cannot accept that paying attention to the dates of events will give any insight to anything.

I agree at that kinda but sometimes things in numerology are not random.

I suppose your right, the way we tell time is man made, if (and I say if cause’ people are sceptical) other planets have life, im sure they use “derts friks and foops” to tell time instead of “days minutes and hours” xD

I was just spinnin’ my link up :razz: