Oil = End of World?

What are your opinions about oil? What do you think will happen when we run out? Petrol prices just went up another 5 cents in NZ.

Me? Someone reminded me at polytec about how much we depend on oil. If you look around nearly everything you see needs oil for some reason or another.

I think it’s going to take at least 30 years to switch over to an oil-less economy. I really hope enough is being done about it now. I think I will live somewhere I can be self-sustaining if neccessary.

Hmm, no clue. I haven’t been paying attention much to this stuff. Hopefully we won’t be running out anytime soon, most probably after we’ve figured out better things to use. :happy:

I think before the end of oil happens. Alternative fuels are really going to be looked at. There is no way the people of Earth are just going to sit there with their thumbs up their asses until the absolute end of oil.

There has already been different fuels discovered. They are usually not as efficient as oil, but they get you from point A to point B.

Just this week a Florida company announced that they have discovered a way to make fuel out of citrus peels.

story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=s … farm_scene

Reading that, it kind of reminds me of the car in Back to the Future.

I think great nations will continue to generate wars in oil producer countries. This tendency will increase during the 10 or 20 next years. As some of these countries are nuclear-weaponed, and as making war will have become an habit, it will be a Second Nuclear War (probably around India). Of course, the official reason for the war will not be oil, but some important reason, like ecology, so everybody will feel very concerned in extermining themselves happily. So it won’t be a problem.

Then, countries which will remain in oil possession will benefit from it to accentuate their domination on the countries which haven’t.

When a lot of innocent people would have died, and when there will really be no more oil, major oil companies will turn their greats benefits into developping alternative fuels (which already exist and are used).

Just look at historic examples, and remember how the countries were paniced when they run out of coal for steam machinery, at the beginning of XX century, and how this panic has been used for profit.

far as im concerned i cant be arsed to worry bout oil, long as i can buy gasoline and oils for my motorcycle :slight_smile: , but really… in 10-20 years there should be alredy economic/efficient replacements for oil…

Hmmm this is an intresting topic, but people just don’t seem to care about our current situation of fossil fuels and their current decline in a generation…

However, with that said they are developing more and more effiecient ways to use and extract the oil thus extending the lifeline of fossil fuels more and more. But the current alternative fuels at present is just not good enough to support the world.

I wonder what will happen in ten or so years…

Not the end of the world(Earth will still be here). End of society maybe. Life goes on.

I think there is alternatives already. I heard it is possible to make it out of marihuana seeds too . :tongue: (not sure if its true).

Besides the Helium cars are coming on the market now … they are in Europe already…and their side effects? They produce oxygen … isnt that coool? :smile:

I believe Big Oil is trying to monopolize the alternatives by suprressing development. They know they can get a few more trillion zillion dollars before oil runs out… so what the hey!!! Its all money. And when the ‘crises’ comes Big Oil will be there to save us because they will have the patent rights to any alternative and we can keep feeding them our dirty dollars … and they will roll around in the money squealling like little pigs…

Hmmmmmmm I feel like bacon for breakfast!

I too believe there are plenty of alternatives to oil now. I did not know about the helium cars though. I’ll have to look that one up. There are hydrogen cars that supposedly will run as good as combustion engines and the cars will be lighter because less parts are needed. Also less parts means less repairs. I read a whole article on it if I can find it again I’ll post a link.

Also it is not just cars. There are alternatives to heating and powering houses as well.
Even if the alternatives are not viable immediately as the “experts” claim (yea right) there is a lot we CAN do now.

At the very least ever single house should either have solar panels, wind generator or some other environmentally safe generator. I saw a show a few months back on the discovery channel where a farm was completely powered by cow dung (methane).

I disagree.

Whilst new technologies are being developed that do exploit renewable resources, we don’t invest enough in them. Instead we invest more into finding and buying oil.

I think you meant Hydrogen cars. Helium is unreactive, so I don’t see how it could be used. I’m also pretty sure that hydrogen cars create water, and use Oxygen.

None of this matters however, because, believe it or not, we are already too late.

You probably haven’t noticed, but the sunlight has become dimmer over the past 50 years. Sunlight has been falling by 10% over the USA, nearly 30% in parts of the former Soviet Union, and even by 16% in parts of the British Isles.

What is this caused by? Fossil fuels. It is caused by the particles of dust and soot that reflect the light out into space. This has been preventing global warming. Unfortunately, we now have been cleaning these dust and soot particles out of the air, to reduce the pollution in rain. This means that more sun will enter our atmosphere and global warming will take more of a major effect on us.


There is also another problem.


This is a scary thought, but what If America is stilling oil from Iraq? We made up the story of them have weapons, but found none. It just makes you wonder, America does seem to be the big bully of the world, but I do love America.

Speaking of oil bringing the end of the world (at least as we know it,) a link I would recommend is: https://www.lifeaftertheoilcrash.net/ (Warning: extremely long read, esp. if you read the links as well… but worth it) [edit: don’t miss the page on the alternatives to oil.]

More information is available at https://www.aip.org/pt/vol-57/iss-7/p47.html … also a long read.

Sorry to contribute little more than links to the discussion, but I can’t think of any way to sum up everything nicely.

What do you mean “what id America is stealing oil from Iraq?”, They are stealing oil from Iraq… why is there an apparent media blackout about Iraq’s oil? Oil production is ‘business as usual’ in Iraq - but they keep the country in a state of unrest and this pushes up the prices… consumers keep consuming and the piggies keep getting fatter.

Disclaimer: By Americans I am not referring to all the good people of America - just your current administration.

Here is a link on Hydrogen cars

From what I understand hydrogen is made from water then, when used to produce energy reverts back to water. However, as you know hydrogen also highly explosive but, that is not the reason I doubt we will see hydrogen cars anytime soon. The problem is that hydrogen cars can get upwards of 100 miles per gallon so you wont have to fill up a lot and they also last longer, much longer than gas cars. Furthermore,the fuel and the cars will be cheap to make.

So: Power companies are against it, auto companies are against it (They want you buying new cars all the time. Cars that are cheap to build and can last over 200,000 miles is not conducive to their financial future) The bottom line is that there just is no profit in it. Until we change our economic system we are not likely to see the development of alternative energy sources any time soon.

We will just have to get used to riding bikes everywhere. I’m sure if oil ran out, the economy would make great adjustments. Like allowing you more time for transportation.

Problem with hydrogen powered cars is they still require fossil fuel or nuclear power to run.

Lots of power is needed to convert water into oxygen and hydrogen. That power comes from power plants.

It takes more energy to get hydrogen from water than the energy released by it in fuel cells simple because of inefficiencies.

I think the hydrogen will be more enviromentally friendly when natural power is used to make it. Or other processes are found. Some bacteria release hydrogen as a waste product.

I am glad to say that this is not the case. Scientists have made a break through. They have developed a material that causes water molecules to turn into Hydrogen and Oxygen when exposed to sun light.

We could perfect this technology. However, as mystic says, there is no profit in it. It runs all by itself.

I think you got that confused with ethanol. From what I understand it takes something like 2 gallons of gas to make one gallon of ethanol. Then again, we don’t know that this is even true. There are so many lobbyist out there spinning false information to keep us lay people as confused as possible. As I said above, renewable energy sources = no profit for many industries which also means less jobs. Republicans will not fight for it because they do not want to piss off big industry and Democrats won’t fight for it because they do not want to piss off the unions.

There are people who have built environmentally safe houses that utilized only renewable energy sources. Can you imagine living in a house where you have no fuel or electric bill! Apparently these houses sell for big $$$ as well.

There are a lot of alternative fuels, like the Bingo Fuel:
And a friend of mine has a car which’s runs with colza oil. And there are electric cars, too. These technologies have just to be developped, but has milod says “Power companies are against it, auto companies are against it”, though it’s stupid because they will become leader of this new market as soon as it will be created.