OK my own teacher mocks me over LD

Now, I don’t mention my LD much, but someone yesterday asked me about it and wanted me to help him out. Now most people thought LD is stupid and made fun of us, but I didn’t care cause it’s their loss. Well, this afternoon my math teacher made fun of me in front of the whols school… It was wmbarrassing, only my friends didn’t laugh and mock me over it for the rest of the day… My math teacher is thought to be cool by most kids, I think she made fun of me to up her image. They are gonna make fun of me for the next 3 weeks I’m sure. These kids arent forgiving or nice… I can take some kids, but now everyone but my friends are making fun of me. I couldn’t take it today… Any suggestions on what to do to better put up with it?

That’s the way it is with math instuctors/teachers. :roll: Well, only difference was I was talking with my instructor about RCs. I would suggest some of the techniques/arguments used in the ‘Friend thinks I’m crazy’ topic.

Weren’t there scientific studies done on LD? Try to find some of those sources and print them off. Then take them to your maths teacher and get an apology

Ignore them. Some people find it fascinating, some people are just plain insert lots of swearing here who still live in the Middle Ages and fight the exotic out of fear. :razz:

I wish school was the nice environment it was supposed to be for people.

I handed her an article proving it that I gave to the kid asking me how to do it. She said I made that webpage just to cover up for my madness. She knows nothing of the thriving community here of people. If lucid dreaming is a diesease, I am glad to have it and hope never to be cured, even though the whole school cept my friends think I’m crazy. I was told 500 times you couldn’t control your dreams, and after that teacher ripped my arcticle I had nothing to argue on…

Once, my substitute math teacher publicly (in class) asked me if I went dumpster diving, and that the reason he assumed I did was that I played D&D.

I would seriously consider complaining to the administration, less than that got teachers fired from my school.

Only one problem Bruno, this is both ironic and enough to make me rip my hair out. The head of the school board is named Mr Brown. My math teacher’s name is Mrs Brown… Get the picture? I know it’s hard to believe but it’s very true. It’s my word or his wife’s word…

It’s really too bad these non-believers wouldn’t start having lucid dreams…that would fix them!

I’ve found some people are just very limited as to what they believe possible in life. Even if there is documented proof they still don’t believe. But that’s their loss, not ours. I just look at them and sadly smile…they have no idea what they’re missing out on :wink:

Looks like they’re still in denial. Honestly, school is a place where you learn, not a place where you are harassed just because they believe you are mental.

You know what? I really think he should be fired.

Your teacher sounds close minded. Like you said… “Its there loss”, but it would be nice to show your teacher this forum, just to prove her wrong.

Oh I’d deffinately complain get scientific proof (don’t print webpages find a decent book in your local library) after showing her this book, let her know you will be complaining to whatever administration runs your school for her inapropriate behaviour and will be DEMANDING a PUBLIC apology in front of the whole school.

She because she is a closed minded fool who sticks her head in the sand at the first sight of scientific proof, doesn’t mean you need to take that kind of abuse and believe me it could count as abuse.

If it was just the students, I’d say ignore them. It’s their, loss but that is highly inapropriate behaviour from a teacher. Don’t stand for it.

If the HeadM or administration fail to do anything write a little article for your local newspaper, start with a summary on what Lucid Dreaming is, including a book title or two (i’m sure people here could suggest good scientific books on the subject if need be) then how you were treated by the teacher. Be sure to name the school, though they may change her name they will likely leave the school name.

Then take it in or mail it to the newspaper, they may print it they may not. But it would make an interesting read if they did and depending on where you live, newspapers and tabloids love the “teacher riducules students over views” type things :wink:

heh, I’m good pals with the local newspaper editor, I never thought of that. But I’m not gonna try a library book for a good reason, their charges are murder for destroyed books lol.

This could be a long shot, try the school library (if you have one) They may have something, that would be a real kick in the teeth for her if your own library had something.

You should contact the editor tell him what happened and see if he would let you write a little colomn on it.

ahh our school library might have 6 books in total or so, but I just got a brilliant idea lol. I am the head mediator at my school. If I refuse to work unless I get an apology, the whole mediation program that is VERY important for our school will fall apart.

No dark sarcacem in the class room…
teacher leave them kids alone…
Hey teacher leave them kids alone…
all, and all your just another brick in the wall
all, and all your just another brick in the wall

Got to love Pink Floyd.

No, that last thing will probably only backfire.
Try whipping up a nice presentation about it, within it several reliable sources (such as some Laberge books) and try giving that presentation in regards to the meditation program (preferably during something public that gets media attention, or even better, ask your local newpaper editor friend to join in on that session to write an article).
We all know that lucid dreaming can work meditational, so it really could fit well in that program :smile:

Also, in most countries you can address the issue to an external commity if you feel that bringing the issue to the attention of your HeadMaster would lead to conflict of interest. Take it to the board of eductation if you have to :smile:

Millions of Lucid Dreamers can’t be wrong :wink:

also, once someone else is being rediculed, they will all forget about this. So why not make your teacher be the point of rediculement some way :wink:

as I said, the chairman of the board is her husband, that is not my route lol. Yes, I supose you’re right. I should put up a presentation. My only problem is that then all the students are there too… Oh well, my students are always there too. Maybe a good ignore them for as long as I can would work, heh Bruno gave me that one but it may work. I know that 350 people, even as big a number as that, will give it up eventually if I don’t react.

And in responce to that, she’ll give me a month’s worth of detentions and send me to the board, and that being rigged will sent me straight to crossroadsville :cry:

Haha, I’m wearing a Pink Floyd shirt right now.

if she gives you a month’s worth of detentions for setting up a good presenation about a scientific thing, the newspapers will have a nice field day :wink:
Newspapers would love such scoops :smile: