Old Hag - Sleeping Positions

On Which Sleeping Position Have You Had Old Hag?

  • On Your Back
  • On Your Stomach
  • On Your Left Side
  • On Your Right Side
  • On Your Back And Stomach
  • On Your Back And Left Side
  • On Your Back And Right Side
  • On Your Stomach And Left Side
  • On Your Stomach And Right Side
  • On Your Back and Left And Right Side
  • On Your Stomach And Left And Right Side
  • On All Four Sides

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I would like to know about your experiences with Old Hag and in what sleeping positions they have occured.

For me it’s happened both on my back and on my stomach, and there isn’t an option for both on the poll :razz: so I can’t vote :cry: The first times if happened I would see aliens and other strange figures. But now I mostly just feel someone sitting on me and if I remember to open my eyes I’m in a LD :cool_laugh: Other times I just feel scared and forget to open my eyes and after a while I wake up IRL or I get a few FAs :bored:

Every time I have seen the black shadow, i have been sleeping on my back. At least as far as I remember.

Hmm… I looks like I need to add some more options to the poll… but I doesn’t appear that I can do that.

I think you have to remake it…:sad:

Probably… They should add an option to modify polls.

No, because that would mean people who had already voted who would now pick a different option wouldn’t be able to. Therefore it would become biased.

sounds enteresting, please explaine in detail.

Lucidity Master, you have statistics about sleep position during sleep paralysis for about 18000 cases there :
Sleeping on the back is clearly correlated with SP. From the facts that :

  • Old Hag is correlated with SP
  • Old Hag is generally shown sitting on someone’s belly,
    one can deduce that Old Hag is correlated with sleeping on your back. :wink:

hehe…I must be the wierd one eh? It won’t let me vote, but I’ve had O H on my back and left side…

What is an Old Hag? Well, I know what one is waking life - but have no idea what she has to do with lucid dreaming… thats why I dream - to escape old hags!! And now you are telling me they have something to do with lucid dreams?

Is there no escape?

Not really. It’s more related to a sleep trouble, named “sleep paralysis”, in which hallucinations can appear. As sleep paralysis looks somewhat like a LD, and some dreamers discovered LD through SP experiences, it’s often told about Old Hag on LD forums.

My mom has seen a black shadow… she got up crying :eek:
… she was on her back

No Old Hag for me yet… :sad: Only one near-Old-Hag… I think I could hear her approaching me from the distance, but the paralysis was over before I could see her. This happened when I was lying on my back. Also whenever I become lucid during regular sleep paralysis I’m in that position.

Funny i always thought “hag” was a “he” instead of a “she” :shy:

same as mystic I got a near-old-hag twice, one was yesterday. The first time it was my angry friend knocking on the door and threatening me. Yesterday it was my dad’s astral body with his hands pushing down on my chest :razz: but i only saw his arms. I was on my back in the two times. The second time I had my real eyes opened before it was over: it was weird how the arms suddenly disappeared!

I sleep in my stomach but sometimes in left or right side with my hand under my cushion :wink:

Men often see female hags (succubus), while women often see male hags (incubus). At least this was the legend which arose in the Middle Ages :smile:

I often see these kind of things with normal SP: one time I woke up in SP with my eyes open: the room was pretty dark and I had really trouble raising my hands. However, somehow I still managed to do this, but when I looked at my hand, it morphed into a needle like structure which then melted away into yellow bubbles. Also parts of the room melted that way. Next, SP went slowly over and with my eyes wide open I saw these illusions go away, the room went brighter until it was normally lit and I discovered I hadn’t moved my arm at all. Awesome experience :smile:

Back and Right side. sept my one weren’t an old hag it was a little girl with black hair like from the ring, she didnt move she had her head rested ont he sofa i was sleeping on.

I haven’t had an ‘Old Hag’ before, but I have been paralysed before, its quite creepy :bored:

I have a close friend who has SP very constantly. I don’t know what positions she lays in though. I don’t have SP ever, so yeah…