Once probably nothing, twice coincidence, but what if 3rd

Moved from beyond

Well I had this unusual experience in December 2005.
While having loads of lucid dreams, last one which was 5th or 6th that night turned into white balls from dream became lights in the room where I was sleeping, real world light bulbs ok? and some force which scared me was lifting me up from the bed and/or moving me to the side.
This happened again two weekends ago, I was having lucid dream and when woke up something was again lifting me up from bed, this time it was like 5 or 6 seconds long and, I did stop it waking me up completely.
Any similar experiences, it is related to sleep paralysis?
Need your opinion on this, please!
Thank you

Was it another dream? a Flase Awakening? You were having a LD and then woke up into another dream, where you were in your room with the white light things, maybe? :confused:

Or OBE, perhaps? Sorry, I can’t really help, just giving some ideas… :wink:

well, when you have SP, you can get the feeling that your moving (moving not vibrating). and for most people, the first time they realize they are having SP is when they wake up still in SP. I also think it could be SP as you said wake up “completely”.

Sleep paralysis is really just being unable to move, due to the mechanisms that the body puts in place when you go to sleep, to prevent you acting out your dreams. The hallucinations you encounter occur because of being in a state, between sleeping and waking. This means the hallucinations wouldn’t be because of sleep paralysis. They are because you are between being asleep and awake. The lifting sensation I’m not so sure about, I know that SP can cause sensations of numbness. I’m not sure if it could cause feelings of lifting or not.

I’m also not 100% what you are describing: from your description, it sounds like are saying you floated into the air to me. If this was the case, I would be inclined to say you were actually dreaming, it’s possible to dream anything :wink:

To me it sounds like you may have been dettaching from your body, starting an Astral Projection. When you thought of your body you snapped back, or at least that’s what it sounds like, the next time it happens, just let go, see where you can go, enjoy it.

well lets just hope u dont have some kind of bad astral spirit following you around

sorry to say that

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Hovering above your body?

Out of body experience, if you ask me.

Next time, put the intention to see someone. Think about that person strongly and of your intention to be with him. Validate it afterwards.

@RelV what do you mean validate it later?

sounds kind of like an OOBE to me. im not sure though it never happened to me