Open eyes while sleeping

I have recently discovered that by resting with my eyes open and rolled back I can more easily reach a sleeping/dreaming point and therefore more easily LD.

I have always had mild insomnia and have always slept with my eyes open (not fallen asleep that way, but opened them once asleep). After thinking about it, I realised that maybe my eyes naturally moved into this position becuase this was the relaxed, resting position most people experience while having thier eyes closed. So I tried to recreate this position while falling asleep in order to fall asleep more quickly, and so far i think it works (although it could quite easily be a placebo effect).

I also noticed that I became more easily engulfed in thoughts whilst in this eye position and mental pictures came more easily and were more vivid. I think that either three things are happening in this situation, either A) I am simply experiencing a placebo caused by the fact I wanted if not expected it to work. B) For whatever reason, my body naturally finds that my eyes open is in some way more of a resting position than closed, and recreating this whilst falling asleep helps me relax further, or C) This position has some effect on the brain/body to cause relaxation in most people, even those who sleep normally with eyes closed. If the latter is true, then doing as I did may aid others in thier attempts to reach lucidity, in case of this I will elaborate on the position of the eyes.

Basically you unfocus your eyes for a few seconds then roll them back a little so you cant see anything but your eyelids are still open. After a minute or so, it should feel alright to move your eyes further up towards to the top of your head without causing your eyelids to flutter or twitch. I don’t know if anyone else could possibly find this comfortable, but I can relax quite easily in this way.


I’m guessing the answer is B, it might be that having your eyes open helps you feel more secure by being more aware by your surroundings. Maybe some instinct causes us to be in a fear of something happening while our eyes are closed.

my eyes only hurt when I try this

lol, yeah, it seems that all i’m doing is finding equal pegging to what most people experience when they close their eyes.

is it normal to be able to roll your eyes so far back that you cant see anything anymore?